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Montreal's Mondial de la Bière Festival Returns for 25th Anniversary

Montreal's Mondial de la Bière Festival Returns for 25th Anniversary

Mondial de la Bière, Canada's most storied and biggest beer festival, will take place from June 6 to 9 at Palais des Congrès in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

One of the World's Top 20 Beer Festivals, this year's iteration of Mondial de la Bière is expected to draw 140,000 visitors, who will be looking to sample 334 new beers from 112 different breweries.

The full release from the festival is below.

(Montreal, May 31st, 2018) — The Mondial de la bière, America’s most important international beer festival, will be celebrating its 25th edition from June 6 to 9at Palais des Congrès de Montréal (exterior site on the Esplanade). An assortment of beer discovery activities will be presented: beer and food pairing workshops, conferences and guided tours, all in a festive atmosphere that will satisfy the curious minds but also any beer lover, both newcomer and epicurian, up to the finest connoisseur! 

The Mondial de la bière de Montréal is the oldest beer festival in Quebec, with a 25-year history! It has been a privileged witness to the development of the Quebec’s brewing industry and a major player in the evolution of the consumer’s taste for beer! Let’s celebrate this millennium beverage and the brewer’s know-how!

At the same time, The Mondial de la bière announces the upcoming fourth edition of the Brewing Week, to take place from June 4 to 10. This event is back for a week with all of Montreal getting together to offer visitors a wide range of activities linked to beer and beer gastronomy!



  • 140,000 visitors expected
  • 650 products available: beers, ciders, spirits, meads, etc.
  • 334 new beers—never offered at the Mondial de la bière in 25 years!
  • 112 breweries presented or represented including 46 from Quebec
  • 25th edition!!
  • 24 Montreal restaurants participating in Sorties Flaveurs
  • 14 countries represented: Germany, England, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, United States, France, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, The Netherlands and Switzerland!
  • 14 food pavilions on site
  • 4 days of festival when Montreal becomes Beer Central!

Photos Courtesy Olivier Bourget