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Morean Auctions: Keith Belcher Beer Can and Brewery Advertising Collection

Brimfield, Massachusetts
Beer Cans Selling For as High As $37,501!

Dan Morean of Morean Auctions has bought and sold the most spectacular collections of beer cans and brewery advertising via Breweriana.com since 1997. He has had record-breaking sales with a beer can selling for $37,500 and an additional beer can selling for $37,501 to break the previous record.

When asked, why start an auction company, Morean said, "There are many reputable auction firms doing an overall excellent job but there are none we have seen dedicating all their resources and expertise to brewery and other advertising.  In the area of brewery advertising, we've seen descriptions that could be more accurate and comprehensive and prices realized we believe could be better.  We see a need in this niche to better inform collector-bidders and to better serve sellers. For 20 years we've offered a very successful retail option for brewery advertising collectors and our panel of highly specialized experts is excited to lend their expertise to collectors in this highly focused auction."

The Belcher Collection is up for auction now at MoreanAuctions.com and hits the live-bidding auction floor on Feb 18 in the Potomac Ballroom of the Hilton Dulles.  This collection is loaded with Holy Grail examples of advertising lithographs, art deco back bar lamps, beer serving and tip trays, cone top and flat top beer cans, Leyse signs, reverse on glass signs and more.  The elusive and graphic Travis cone top beer can from Sabinas Brewing out of San Antonio, Texas is expected to fetch $20-30,000.  Another stand-out piece is the A-B-C reverse painted glass sign from American Brewing out of St. Louis, Missouri which dates to about 1900 and is in outstanding, all original condition.  

Other breweries, beer brands and advertising manufacturers represented in this collection include: Narragansett, James, Dixie, Pabst, Park, Wehr-Hobelmann Gottlieb, Globe, Gunther, National, Schlitz, Prima, Westminster, Peter Fox, Schoenhofen-Edelweiss, Monarch, Bullfrog, Mayflower, Miller, Enterprise, La Fayette, Storz, Willow Springs, Rainier, Wieland, Acme, Buckeye, Grace Bros, Hull, Simonds, Scheidt, Ortlieb, Esslinger, Senate, Christian Heurich, Lebanon Valley, Cape Girardeau, Ruppert, Yankee, Lion, Liebmann, Diogenes, Doelger, Ebling, Eichler, Frankenmuth, Columbia, Largay Red Fox, Kuebler, Van Nostrand Bunker Hill Breweries, Haffenreffer Pickwick, King's Tavern, Goebel, Pfeiffer, Centennial, Ste. Genevieve, Trommer's, Genesee, Fox Head, Coors, Harvard, Dawson, Bruckmann, Burger, Hartford, Cremo, Commonwealth, Deer Park, Ruhstaller, Marshfield, Cold Spring Hacker, Northampton, Deppen, Sunshine, New England, Claussen, Hoster, Duquesne, Kamm & Schellinger, Besley's Waukegan, Krueger, Kalispell, Regal, Graupner, Wehle Mule Head, Mount Hood, Marlin, West Bend, Tomahawk, Gulf, Buccaneer, Tivoli, Pikes Peak, American Can, Atlantic Neon, Beach, Charles Stock, Schonk, Cincinnati Advertising, Continental, Crown, Cork & Seal, Crystal, Girsch, Electroplating, Harris, Gillco, Gugler, Haeusermann Litho, Hoen, Kaufmann & Strauss, Mayer, Meek, Metal Box, Pacific, Price, Rodwell, Universal Electric & Western Trading.

February 18, 2017
Morean Auctions
Keith Belcher Beer Can and Brewery Advertising Collection
Hilton Dulles, 13869 Park Center Rd, Herndon, VA.

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