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Mother Earth Brewing Co. Collaborates with Coronado Brewing for Four Seasons Summer 2024

Mother Earth Brewing Co. Collaborates with Coronado Brewing for Four Seasons Summer 2024

Mother Earth is teaming up with San Diego’s Coronado Brewing to release a West Coast IPA as part of its premier program, The Four Seasons of Mother Earth. 

In keeping with the tradition of a collaboration to break up the series of quarterly big stouts, Mother Earth kept its ‘24 partnership in Socal when joined by craft cohorts, Coronado Brewing. The brew celebrates a long-standing relationship between the San Diego breweries. 

“Going all the way back to ’09, we sat with Rick (Chapman) at the original Coronado Island location to pick his brain and gain some insight into the industry, which was, of course, much different then. Since then both our breweries have been on a similar trajectory and have a lot in common, so it only made sense to work together on this collab. We don’t work with just anyone – particularly when it comes to the Four Seasons program. Working with Coronado is definitely an honor and a sign of mutual respect on both sides.”

- Daniel Love, President – Mother Earth Brew Co.

The brewers describe the beer as an “old-school meets new-age” West Coast IPA, and features some newer hops like Elani and Talus which bring a heavy lemon/lime note, along with delicious ruby red grapefruit, respectively. Simcoe focuses on driving home citrus qualities as well as some tropical fruit thanks to a new crop that veers away from the piney notes it was known for in the past. The result is a clean, dry, 7.3% fruit bomb that is sure to impress modern and classic hop heads alike. 

Four Seasons Summer ‘24 is available in retailers the week of June 24th on draft and in 16oz cans or via early release at Mother Earth’s three tap rooms on Saturday, June 22nd. Visit Mother Earth’s website and social feeds for details. 

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Mother Earth Brew Co. develops hand crafted artisanal ales in year-round, as well as seasonal and specialty offerings. With multi-state as well as international distribution serviced by breweries in Vista, CA and Nampa, ID; Mother Earth’s award-winning beers help define and maintain the standard of excellence expected of independent craft brewers.