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New Belgium Reimagines Fat Tire Beer Recipe and Brand to Inspire Climate Action

The iconic craft beer brand Fat Tire from New Belgium Brewing will debut a new recipe and look to emphasize its commitment to sustainability and mobilize customers to join the movement for a better planet.

New Belgium Reimagines Fat Tire Beer Recipe and Brand to Inspire Climate Action

Fat Tire, the flagship brand of New Belgium Brewing, has been a pioneer in craft beer for more than 30 years, with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability since its inception. As the climate crisis has intensified, Fat Tire has doubled down on its efforts to combat it by becoming America's first certified carbon-neutral beer. However, the brand recognizes that there is still much work to be done and is announcing a wholesale reimagining of its 32-year-old recipe and iconic brand to inspire the next generation to join the movement for better beer and a better planet.

"Fat Tire has spent three decades at the center of the craft beer movement. Now, it's time to widen the circle and inspire the next generation, too," said New Belgium Brewing CEO Steve Fechheimer. "We've made Fat Tire even better at what it's always done best – taste delicious, bring people together, and spark our customers to engage in the climate movement. It's our sincere hope that beer fans – whether they love the planet, simply love great beer, or both – will embrace the chance to change along with us."

The new Fat Tire Ale boasts a crisp and bright flavor profile with subtle caramel and floral aromas and light bitterness. The medium-bodied beer has a deep gold color and a crisp finish, making it easy to drink. The new recipe is just one aspect of Fat Tire's commitment to climate action and advocacy, which includes a 360-degree approach that is unique among consumer brands.

"Longtime Fat Tire drinkers will clearly recognize the original Fat Tire flavor when tasting the new recipe," said New Belgium Brewmaster Christian Holbrook, who developed the new recipe. "So far, many are telling us they prefer the crisper, brighter version and feel excited for the change." 

Fat Tire's actions include investing in aggressive carbon reduction initiatives, becoming certified as America's first carbon-neutral beer and giving its blueprint away for free, brewing innovative beers like Torched Earth Ale, which is made only with ingredients that would be available in a climate-ravaged future, and donating more than $17 million to frontline climate organizations. The brand also holds big corporations accountable for their emissions and provides leadership as part of climate policy coalitions working at the federal, state, and local level.

The new recipe and bold new look of the brand are designed to highlight Fat Tire's ongoing investments in climate solutions and inspire the next generation of beer drinkers to join the movement for climate action. While the craft beer industry has evolved dramatically since Fat Tire's introduction, it remains a popular and enduring brand, ranking as the 16th best-selling craft brand in the United States in 2022. With its commitment to taste and sustainability, Fat Tire continues to be a leader in the industry, using its resources and engaging its community to help save the planet.