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Obakeng Malope: Filmmaker, Beer Brewer and Advocate for Change through Beer Is Art Campaign

Discover the extraordinary journey of Obakeng Malope, a South African filmmaker and beer brewer, as she pioneers the Beer Is Art Campaign. Explore the unique fusion of storytelling and brewing, unlocking a world of activism and change through beer.

Obakeng Malope: Filmmaker, Beer Brewer and Advocate for Change through Beer Is Art Campaign

South African filmmaker and beer brewer, Obakeng Malope, is making waves in both the film and beer industries, blending her passion for storytelling and brewing to create a unique initiative known as the Beer Is Art Campaign.

With a background in filmmaking, Obakeng specializes in documentary storytelling that advocates for human rights, challenging stereotypes and shedding light on untold stories. She sees her camera as a powerful tool, providing viewers with a fresh perspective on the world and encouraging them to engage with the narratives she captures.

The fusion of filmmaking and beer brewing may seem unconventional, but for Obakeng, both are forms of art and expression. According to her, the beer brewed today will serve as a historical record for future generations, offering insights into the social and cultural landscape of our times.

Obakeng's journey into beer brewing began with a fascination for beer culture worldwide. Even during her international film festival tours, she made it a point to explore and appreciate the beer scenes in different countries. Eventually, her passion led her to enroll in classes with Brewster's Craft, where she learned the intricacies of beer brewing.

Her breakthrough came through the Road to 100 Cicerone Certification Program, a fellowship led by Eugenia Brown, which aimed to empower women of color in the beer industry. Inspired by this experience, Obakeng founded Beer Is Art, an initiative focused on teaching South African youth over the age of 21 about beer brewing, licensing, Cicerone certification, beer podcasting, starting their own beer brands, and more.

Beer Is Art has collaborated with breweries worldwide, including Montclair Brewery, Postdoc Brewing, Gentile Brewing Co. in the U.S., and Torque Brewing in Canada. One notable collaboration with Ebb and Flow in Missouri, USA resulted in the creation of Mamogaswa Goddess Series, a beer brewed by Amanda Camp. This collaboration, described as a relationship forged in fire and ice and a tornado, tells the story of Mamogaswa, a legendary river snake from Obakeng's village.

Through the Mamogaswa beer, Obakeng and Amanda Camp aim to revive storytelling traditions, sharing the folklore of Mamogaswa with consumers in Ebb and Flow, Missouri. The beer itself, with its unique ingredients creating a tornado effect on the palate, becomes a medium for storytelling, demonstrating that beer is not just an art form but a powerful means of narrative expression.

Obakeng's vision for Beer Is Art extends beyond conventional brewing. She envisions the youth she mentors creating beers that tell stories and spark activism on various social issues. By empowering young brewers to use beer as a medium for change, Obakeng is pioneering a movement that combines art, entrepreneurship, and social impact.

In conclusion, Obakeng Malope's Beer Is Art Campaign is not just about brewing beer; it's about brewing change, breaking stereotypes, and telling stories that resonate across borders and generations. As the craft beer industry evolves, Obakeng's unique approach adds a powerful narrative dimension, proving that beer is indeed a form of art and a medium for positive change.

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