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Oktoberfest – Great Lakes Brewing Co. – 94 Rating

Responses from brewmaster Mark Hunger.
Mark Hunger, Brewmaster
Mark Hunger, Brewmaster

BC: Who came up with this beer’s recipe?
This beer is based on a traditional recipe that started as a collaborative effort in our pub, where we develop and “pilot” new beers.  We did our best to stay true to traditional methods and ingredients. We’re often recognized for brewing  balanced true-to-style beers, and with this style in particular we felt keeping it classic was the right choice. Even with the name, we kept it simple.
BC: What’s your favorite aspect of this beer (flavor, aroma, etc.)?
Both! The malty, bready aromas and noble hops are a great start to the beer and the smooth maltiness makes it stylistically correct and a very drinkable beer.
BC: Is this your “desert island beer?”
This would definitely be the one for me. I love malty styles, and I truly love this beer!
BC: Can you describe this beer in 10 words or less?
A stylistically correct, traditional, and easy drinking Oktoberfest beer.
BC: What's a good food pairing for this beer?
We recommend roast pork, sausage, schnitzel, and pretzels.

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