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Olympia Beer Debuts Olympia Artesian Vodka In Pacific Northwest

Olympia Beer Debuts Olympia Artesian Vodka In Pacific Northwest

Olympia Beer in Tumwater, Washington has announced a new addition to the company's beverages: Olympia Artesian Vodka. The vodka is available to consumers via Drizly and in local stories in Washington now with plans to unveil in Oregon in September. Full details are below.

August 26, 2020 - Tumwater, WA - Olympia Beer will launch its Olympia Artesian Vodka this summer. The vodka is produced and bottled locally using the artesian water aquifer located beneath the town of Olympia, WA, the birthplace of Olympia Brewing Company and Olympia Beer.

The creation of Olympia Distilling Company, and the building of its dedicated distillery in Tumwater, a suburb of Olympia, is a nod to the brand’s historical roots and deep ties to the Pacific Northwest. Though Olympia Beer is no longer brewed locally, it was Tumwater, at the site of its famed artesian waters, where Olympia Brewing Company was founded in 1895 by the outdoorsman, brewmaster and adventurer Leopold Schmidt. Schmidt’s love for the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and appreciation of the finest natural ingredients underpin the mission of the Olympia Distilling Company, which is led by master distillers Ray Watson and Lesa Givens, both of whom are life-long residents of the Pacific Northwest.

“We know how historically important the brewing of Olympia beer has been to this town. To be able to now distill Olympia Artesian Vodka here in Tumwater, and produce a product and facility that we, and the community can be proud of, has been an incredible experience,” said Watson.

Olympia Artesian Vodka is distilled and blended with the artesian water that flows directly down from the Cascade Mountains. As it passes through layers of bedrock on its way to the aquifer the water undergoes a process of natural filtration, while collecting various minerals and electrolytes, creating some of the purest water on earth and giving it a truly singular taste and character. Water is  vital to Olympia’s history and future, as such a portion of profits from sales of Olympia Artesian Vodka will be donated to locally located charities that support and protect waters in the Pacific Northwest and around the world.

“We come from a long lineage of Pacific Northwest distillers, it’s a passionate and unique tradition. It’s amazing to think that we’re using the same natural water sources that they were over a hundred years ago. There is something really special about that, and we feel you can taste that Olympia magic and local tradition in every bottle,” added Givens. 

Olympia Artesian Vodka is 80 proof and 40% ABV, it is available in 750 ml bottles. The vodka is  currently available directly to consumers via Drizly and in stores throughout Washington, with distribution in Oregon beginning in September. This August, Olympia Artesian Vodka was awarded Silver in the New York International Spirits Competition and named the best vodka distillery in Washington state.<

Olympia’s Artesian Vodka is not the first product to be produced in the new distillation facility, in late March, the Olympia Distilling Co facility pivoted from vodka production to hand sanitizer, producing over 12,000 bottles for the local community in response to the Covid-19 crisis.

About Olympia
Olympia Distilling Co. recently opened in Tumwater, WA – the original home of Olympia Brewing Co. – where they produce a new premium vodka distilled and bottled with the area’s famous artesian water. The vodka is hitting shelves in stores around the PNW this year. For more information about Olympia please visit or follow on socials @theoriginalolympia

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