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Outbound Brewing Launches THC/CBD Beverages and Non-Alcoholic Beers

Outbound Brewing Launches THC/CBD Beverages and Non-Alcoholic Beers

Outbound Brewing in San Diego, California has announced plans to release multiple beverages made with THC, CBD as well as non-alcoholic beer options in its portfolio. The full release from the brewery is below.

SAN DIEGO — With mindful drinking and alcohol alternatives on the rise, San Diego-based Outbound Brewing is proud to announce the launch of a portfolio of non-alcoholic brews that invite consumers to craft their own adventure.

Outbound’s new product line includes traditional non-alcoholic, CBD-infused, and cannabis-infused options – all featuring small-batch brewing technique, craft beer taste, and only 30 calories per bottle. All three formulations are available in Outbound’s artisan flavor profiles:

  • Pale Haze, inspired by a classic pale ale recipe and brewed with Cascade and Amarillo hops from the Pacific Northwest — a uniquely refreshing combination with a smooth finish and crisp effervescence,
  • Blood Orange Haze, a flavor-forward, bright citrus twist on the original, and
  • Grapefruit Haze, a fresh, slightly tart crowd-pleaser.

Whether your adventure calls for a truly craft non-alcoholic beer, the added benefits of CBD infusion, or a fuller cannabis beverage experience, there’s an Outbound for you.

The team behind Outbound first launched a THC-infused, non-alcoholic beer called High Style in California in 2018.

“When we saw the immediate embrace of High Style in California, and the growing buzz around alcohol alternatives in society at large, we knew the demand for new and better adult beverage options was exploding well beyond the cannabis world,” said Outbound Brewing CEO Marty Reed.

“We have the best-tasting, highest-quality craft brew on the market. By offering it in CBD, THC, and traditional non-alcoholic formulas, we give consumers the freedom to choose their own experience without sacrificing flavor.”

Outbound Non-Alcoholic and Hemp-Infused Brews are launching in select retailers nationwide in January. Outbound Cannabis-Infused Brews will hit California dispensary shelves in February. Check for up-to-date availability and purchasing information, and follow @outboundbrewing on Instagram for more.

Outbound Product Portfolio

Non-Alcoholic – Crafted by hand in San Diego, Outbound’s traditional non-alcoholic offering contains its signature terpene blend, bringing artisanal beer flavors with only 30 calories (and zero hangover) per bottle. Product is available in single servings.

Hemp-Infused – Each 30-calorie, 12 oz. bottle contains 20mg of organic broad-spectrum hemp extract – delivering the perfect hangover-free combination inspired by the California lifestyle. Product is available in single servings.

Cannabis-Infused – Each 12 oz. serving contains 10mg of high-quality, fast-acting nano-emulsified THC, designed to create a refreshing and elevating experience. Product is available in single servings or in six packs.