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The Pike Brewing Co. Unveils Two New Releases

The Pike Brewing Co. Unveils Two New Releases

The Pike Brewing Co. in Seattle, Washington has announced the release of two new beers.

The first is Bitter Lake IPA, which is brewed with Ekuanot and Cascade hop varietals and features notes of mandarin, dark berry and pine.

The second is Morning After Pale, which is brewed by the women of Pike and celebrates women’s current and historic roles in craft beer and benefits our friends at Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and Hawaiian Islands.

The full release from the brewery is below.

New & Upcoming Beer Releases

Pike Bitter Lake IPA is now available on draft and in 12oz cans. Featuring whole leaf Centennial and dry-hopped with Ekuanot and Cascade, Pike Bitter Lake IPA offers notes of mandarin, lime, dark berry, and pine with a lingering finish. A light malt base allows the hops to shine.

Pike Morning After Pale will be available on draft and in 12oz cans in May. Brewed yearly by the women of Pike Brewing Company, Pike Morning After Pale has a light and creamy malt base and refreshing, bright hop character from whole leaf Citra hops. Pike Morning After Pale celebrates women’s current and historic roles in craft beer and benefits our friends at Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and Hawaiian Islands.

Chef Rhys Nunnelee takes up Chef Gabe Spiel’s mantle at Pike Brewing Company’s oyster bar and seafood-focused restaurant, Tankard & Tun. Spiel, praised for his focus on local sourcing, is leaving the company. Nunnelee, a rising star in Seattle’s dining scene and former Sous Chef at Tankard & Tun, will be taking his place.

“Promoting from within is an important part of our philosophy at Pike. We work hard to identify and support talented folks so that they can grow here,” says Pike President Drew Gillespie, “Chef Gabe was an example of this—he worked at Pike for fourteen of the last twenty years—starting at The Pike Pub the same year I did, both of us working the line while we were in culinary school. And so is Rhys—having joined our team as Sous Chef at Tankard & Tun, Rhys began overseeing Tankard’s private party dining soon after, and now he’s ready to step up as Head Chef, and we’re ready to support him.”

Likewise, Gillespie shared his support of Spiel’s transition saying, “Pike is proud to have worked with Chef Gabe and grateful for his help opening Tankard & Tun. We wish him well as he moves forward.”

After graduating from culinary school, Chef Rhys spent time cooking in Alaska before landing in Seattle at The Butcher’s Table. From there, he joined the Tankard & Tun team. “I wanted to focus on local seafood—highlighting all the Puget Sound has to offer,” says Chef Rhys. He’s looking forward to refining a menu that showcases fan favorites like Tankard & Tun’s Pike Place Ale-battered fish & chips and seafood chowder, while pushing the menu forward to capture the hearts of more diners— “We’ve got some fun plans for engaging more market visitors and locals alike.”

Seattle Restaurant Week at Tankard & Tun

Seattle Restaurant Week at Tankard & Tun is in full swing! Guests can experience three courses for $35 at dinner, or a two-course lunch of just $20.

New Menu Items & Design at The Pike Pub

Coinciding with the launch of new seasonal menu items, guests at The Pike Pub will experience a complete menu redesign! Longtime Pike fans, however, may note the new menu is a retro nod to the very first Pike Pub menu designed in 1996, inspired by the menu at La Coupole in Pairs. Both the original Pub menu, and the new edition were created by Pike founding owners Charles and Rose Ann Finkel. Known in the craft beer and fine foods world for their self-taught design prowess, the menu features a bold black, red, and white palate.

New menu highlights include:

  • All Pike Pub burgers are now made with grass-fed beef from local producer Painted Hills.
  • The Mushroom Swiss burger returns! This fan favorite features sautéed mushrooms, Emmenthaler Swiss, local arugula, and dill mayo.
  • New sandwiches, including the deliciously decadent Sourdough Cheesesteak Dip: Grilled sourdough, sliced eye of round, grilled peppers and onions, and cheese spread served with a side of cheese sauce.
  • New salads, including a bright and fresh Dungeness Crab Salad featuring crisp greens, tomato, cucumber, asparagus, and lemon vinaigrette under a heap of fresh Dungeness crab.
  • New cocktails including summer-ready Lighthouse Lemonade: Oola vitrus Vodka with lemonade, cranberry and Seattle citrus soda.

Pike Brewing Company is an independent brewery founded in 1989. Located in Seattle's historic Pike Place Public Market neighborhood, Pike Brewing Company is home to The Pike Pub and Tankard & Tun.