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Pipeworks Brewing Co. Announces Two Cat-Themed Beers

Pipeworks Brewing Co. Announces Two Cat-Themed Beers

Pipeworks Brewing Co. out of Chicago, Illinois has announced the release of two beers with inspiration drawn from our favorite furry feline friends.

First, Lucky Cat is a luscious fruit beer brewed with copious amounts of strawberries and hibiscus flowers, making for an extremely aromatic and delightfully sweet fruit beer.

Second, 27 Lives is a hoppy Belgian-style Tripel brewed with a Belgian yeast strain that provides deliciously tropical flavors of pineapple, papaya and mango.

Both beers will be available from the brewery starting today. The full release from Pipeworks is below.

~Lucky Cat~
~ strawberry & hibiscus flowers beer ~ 

Yes, the lucky cat is lucky. There's a slim chance that holding one of these bottles may bring you good fortune, beauty, and all the happiness. We can't guarantee all that - but we can guarantee that this Lucky Cat will bring you deliciousness! 

Available in The Dojo Friday 6/1
Seeing Shelves Monday 

27 Lives 
~ Hoppy Tripel ~  

Thank gosh cat's have 9 lives, but we wish that they had more! 3 times as many! This hoppy beer is brewed with a yeast that gives it crazy tropical flavors. Think pineapple, papaya and mango flavors! 

Available in the Dojo Friday 6/1