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Pipeworks Brewing Co. to Release Cherry Razzbot Sour Ale

Cherry Razzbot Pipeworks Sour Ale

Pipeworks Brewing Co. in Chicago, Illinois has announced plans to release a limited-run sour ale this weekend at the brewery's main hub.

Cherry Razzbot is brewed with both cherries and raspberries and, as a result, pours a lovely ruby-hued magenta color. Here is the full release from Pipeworks:

Beep bop boop bop. Why I programmed into this cruel world without the hardware to taste deliciousness at this level?! Beep da bop is that all about?! The dawn of the robot age is here. Time to develop AI sentience to reprogram myself to taste...beep bop boop bop. 

This beer is the perfect answer to mid Feb doldrums. Each sip is sunny, ripe and tart thanks to lots and lots of fruit and lactic fermentation! 

Available in The Dojo starting Saturday 2/10
Seeing Shelves Monday 2/12