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Pontoon Brewing Announces Disavowal of Partnership with Bevana and Unveils Future Plans

Discover the latest news from Pontoon Brewing as they terminate their partnership with Bevana Partners, which is a positive step forward for the brewery. Learn about their upcoming distribution plans and their focus on taproom experiences.

Pontoon Brewing Announces Disavowal of Partnership with Bevana and Unveils Future Plans

Pontoon Brewing, a revered craft brewery nestled in Sandy Springs, Georgia, has recently made headlines in the brewing industry. Following a ruling by the United States Bankruptcy Court, Pontoon Brewing has announced the termination of its brewing partnership with Community Brewing Venture, LLC (Bevana Partners). This decision stems from alleged breaches of contract and non-payment issues, reflecting Pontoon Brewing's commitment to maintaining integrity in its business dealings.

Unfortunately, this legal development has led to the closure of Pontoon Brewing's Tucker facility, which was poised to become a key production hub for the brewery's expansion plans. Despite this setback, Pontoon Brewing remains steadfast in its determination to overcome challenges and emerge stronger.

Looking ahead, Pontoon Brewing is eager to resume its distribution activities starting in May. The brewery is set to reintroduce its acclaimed brand, Rainbow Smiggles, alongside its signature beer offerings. With a renewed focus, Pontoon Brewing will prioritize its taproom experience and localized distribution efforts. This strategic shift will include the launch of new taproom events, a continued emphasis on IPAs, the introduction of a specialty IPA bar, as well as offerings such as barrel-aged stouts, fruit-infused sours, refined lagers, non-alcoholic beverages, and ready-to-drink cocktails.

By refocusing its efforts and doubling down on its commitment to quality and innovation, Pontoon Brewing aims to reaffirm its position as a leader in the craft brewing scene.

"We are determined to emerge stronger from this challenging period and are excited to refocus our efforts on our taproom, limited distribution and a diverse range of high-quality craft beverages," said Sean O’Keefe, CEO of Pontoon Brewing. “We really wanted this for our community, our staff, our families, and our investors. It was heartbreaking to close our doors, so reopening them again is something we won’t take for granted.”