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Prairie Artisan Ales Launches Exclusive "Prairie Dawgs" Club

Prairie Artisan Ales has announced its new, exclusive (and expensive) Prairie Dawgs club, which will give members access to a number of special brews and other goodies. The move represents a growing trend in marketplace adaptation designed to build brand loyalty and make the breweries already sought-after brews even more coveted. For all the details, see below:

We are excited to announce Prairie Dawgs, an exclusive member only club. Prairie Dawgs will have exclusive and guaranteed access to some of our best barrel aged stouts long term sour ales, and other amazing beers. Beer release times and allocation limits will vary depending on the maturity of the beer. Each Prairie Dawg membership does include 16 bottles throughout the course of the year. When available, members will have the exclusive opportunity to purchase additional bottles. Members will also have access to private brewery events and the Prairie Dawgs Facebook group. The total number of memberships will be limited.  Prairie Dawgs will have the first option to renew for 2018-2019. See below for a list of member benefits, details, and FAQ. If you need anything else, please email us at [email protected].


Member Benefits

  • 6-8 Prairie Dawg member only releases per year
  • 16 bottles, spread among the 6-8 releases included with membership fee
  • Option to purchase any unclaimed bottles of Prairie Dawg releases
  • Option to purchase full allotment of publicly available brewery only releases
  • Access to special member only events throughout the year
  • Right to renew your membership for 2018-2019
  • Special Prairie Dawg merchandise



  • Pick up dates will be announced two weeks prior to available and will remain open for 1 month.
  • After the conclusion of that window any remaining bottles will be offered to other members, used for special events, or sold for on premise consumption at a Prairie location
  • Pick up locations may be announced at any Prairie location
  • Any Prairie Dawg may designate a trustee to pick up their beer
  • All members or trustees must be 21 years of age with valid identification
  • Membership benefits do not transfer to trustees
  • Sales tax will be charged on all memberships and bottle sales
  • We are not able to ship beer to members


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What size bottles will you use?  We plan to use our standard bottle sizes (12 and 16.9 oz.) but that may vary depending on the release.
  2. Where can I pick my beer up from?  You will have to pick your bottles from the brewery where they were produced.  At first this means all the beers will be in Krebs, OK.  As the year progress releases may occur at OKC or Tulsa.  We will notify all members well in advance of the pick up location.
  3. Do I have to pick up my allotment of public release beers on the day of the release?  No, we will hold your reservation of these beers for two week.
  4. How much will the remaining allotment of member only bottles cost? We expect to sell all reaming bottles for $12 per bottle.
  5. How many extra bottles of member only releases will I be able to buy?  This will vary considerably depending on the beer.  Over the course of the year we expect members to have access to extra bottles though.
  6. What beers will be included in the membership? We will not release the names and styles of each beer until closer their release window. Generally speaking the beers will be big stouts, double barrel stouts and long aged sours.  We will not include previously publicly available beers (Pirate Bomb, Pirate Paradise, Barrel Aged Christmas Bomb, etc.) in the the membership.
  7. When will the first beer be released? We expect the first beer to be ready around July/August 2017. The exact schedule will be determined by the aging of the beer.
  8. Can I change my trustee? Sure, just email [email protected], use the subject line “Trustee Change” and include the Trustee’s name, phone number and address in the body of the email.
  9. Do trustees have to have to be members?  No, they do not.
  10. How long will my membership last? Memberships will be yearlong. They will begin on the date of the first release and end 12 months later.   This is expected to begin July/August 2017.
  11. What times can I pick up at the brewery? Pick up will generally be available during regular business hours. Those times vary by location. If you are uncertain you can email or call the location in question.
  12. When can I get my Prairie Dawg merchandise and what exactly will it be? Members merchandise will be available at the brewery during the first release pick up window.  We will include two special glasses and at least one other piece of unique merchandise.
  13. How will members be notified about releases? Every member will receive an email announcing the beer, pick up window, and location.
  14. Can a trustee pick up for more than one member? Yes.