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Product Review: Fizzics Draft Beer System

Fizzics have created a sleek, well-designed piece of technology that seems to strike a balance between affordability and practicality.

Product Review: Fizzics Draft Beer System

Isaac Newton’s work led to a paradigm shift in our understanding of the universe, and today, he is regarded as the father of modern physics. Folks, brace yourselves, because the team behind Fizzics have created a contraption of Newtonian magnitude, which could forever change the way you drink your beers.

Hyperbole aside, this is a sleek, well-designed piece of technology that seems to strike a balance between affordability and practicality.

It’s not just a gimmick, there’s actual technology behind Fizzics – pressure from ultrasonic waves provide a perfect head without sucking all the carbonation out of your beer. Before its widget gadgets, Guinness experimented with similar technology in the seventies, though they couldn’t make it practical. Thankfully, all Fizzics needs from you are 4 AA batteries, and your favorite beer placed in the chamber and sealed in place with an easily closable lid.

Once you’ve got the beer primed and your chalice at the ready, pull the lever forward (towards the front) and let the magic (read: science) happen. It’s fun to do, but it does take a bit of a learning curve. The TAP setting, which should be used to pour about 90% of the beer, can still create a lot of foam, so we recommend holding the glass up closer to the tap, like you would with a keg. The TOP (push the lever back) setting really does work wonders, creating a billowy, pillowy cumulus cloud of foam you could almost rest a nickel on.

Cleanup is easy, as simple as rinsing. When you’re done using it, just run a couple ounces of water through the hose the same way you would with beer, and it’s ready for the next vessel. The antimicrobial mat comes out for easy rinsing, if necessary.

As for the size of the Fizzics unit, we had no trouble fitting in growlers, crowlers, bombers, 12-ounce bottles, and though it’s not directly intended for use with cans, it does work with them as well.

When should it be used? It’s great as a party tool and encourages sharing, so larger bottles or growlers are recommended, as the resulting effects on the carbonation (smaller bubbles) and flavor make it easier to drink rapidly.

It works great for single-person use as well, in which case I would recommend pouring the entire glass in one sitting.

Consideration of the style and its level of carbonation should be taken into account when deciding whether or not to use Fizzics. Depending on personal preference, you may find you prefer some styles over others, with more or less carbonation. The sonic waves agitate the bubbles, creating more nucleation points, and thus, smaller bubbles. Similar to a nitro beer, the mouthfeel becomes softer, which can really change the beer.

Don’t underestimate the flavor of carbonation! Often it is key to the overall flavor profile. Saisons, for instance, generally benefit from a bit of carbonic tang, and thus you may prefer to use Fizzics on your DIPA or Imperial Stout.

Ultimately, craft drinkers are those who enjoy experimentation, and Fizzics is not only a great way to get a different flavor out of your go-to sixer, but also a way to learn about flavor characteristics, and to refine the palate. It’s fun, easy, and a guaranteed talking piece.

It seems to really work well with all IPAs, and gave a second life to a near-flat growler of Clown Shoes Mango Kolsch, accentuating the fruitiness. Best of all, we paired some Founders Rubaeus run through the Fizzics with a dollop of Dark Chocolate Raspberry Gelato, and the result was heavenly.

Though we were initially skeptical, Fizzics won us over with its fun, easily usable and cleanable design, and its ability to shed new light on how we drink. Will it turn your Genessee Cream Ale into a World Class brew? Debatable, but it will certainly add a new element to your drinking experience. Fizzics encourages experimentation, discussion and sharing; some of the best parts of enjoying beer. And the name is fun. As Olivia Newton-John would say: “Let’s get Fizzic-al.”


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does it affect the entire body of the beer or just make a better head leaving the remainder basically the same
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There is no discernible difference to the flavor of the beer, but it does create a very nice dense foam head even on beers that have poured relatively flat. I was impressed with it. Although the new ones don't look as large to me, so I don't know if they accept the 64oz growlers or not.

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