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Pulp Culture Announces Free Shipping of Hard Pressed Alcoholic Juice

Pulp Culture Announces Free Shipping of Hard Pressed Alcoholic Juice

Pulp Culture has unveiled that its newest website features free shipping to 37 states of its hard pressed fermented juice. Pulp Culture produces hard pressed fermented juice in a variety of flavors. Full details from the company are below.

Pulp Culture is thrilled to introduce a new category of better-for-you booze that’s set to disrupt the definition of alcohol consumption as we know it. 

As a nation, we're drinking more than ever as we're hunkered down at home. Might as well make it the best alcohol for you on the planet.

The LA-based company just launched their website with free shipping to 37 states, making it the perfect immune-boosting drink to stock up on without leaving the house.

The four blends are function-first formulas, showcasing all ingredients on the face of the can. 

  1. Think - designed to boost brain power and deliver sustained energy - perfect for our new work from home reality
  2. Hustle - an uplifting buzz to support an active lifestyle - make your run a little more fun
  3. Restore - a cleansing elixir that delivers good, clean, fun - take a break from the news and breathe
  4. Relax - downtempo vibes for a chill buzz - the kids are home from school, you're gonna need this

Better For You

  • NO hangover
  • ALL ingredients on the front of the can
  • immunity boosting
  • botanical adaptogens kill stress
  • 6 billion CFUs probiotics/can
  • zero sugar
  • 99 calories
  • full spectrum fermentation - 100% mother nature
  • 4.9% ABV