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The Rebirth of Dixie Beer

Dixie Beer was founded in 1907, and the classic New Orleans institution has experienced a multitude of highs and lows throughout its colorful history.

Through out-of-state contract brewing, Dixie Beer returned to New Orleans following the brewery's 2005 destruction due to Hurricane Katrina. Thanks to the late Tom Benson and his wife Gayle, owners of the New Orleans Saints and the New Orleans Pelicans, Dixie now has a sparkling new brewery located just outside of downtown New Orleans. The current owners wish to make the brewery a family-friendly tourist attraction and bring Dixie into the modern age of craft beer.

The brewery's new owners and managers all share a contagious mood of excitement, passion and optimism for the updated brewery. "Dixie Beer survived the last 113 years, including Prohibition, the Great Depression and Hurricane Katrina," notes Tanya Birch, Dixie's Retail Operations Consultant. "It will survive our current pandemic too, and we’re confident Dixie will be able to come back strong."

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