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Red Hare Brewing Rolls Out SPF 50/50 Year-Round

Red Hare Brewing has announced the return of SPF 50/50, its India Pale Radler brewed as a 50-50 split of its Gangway IPA and Sparkling Grapefruit Soda. Formerly only a seasonal release, the 4.2% brew will be available year-round starting this weekend. Here is the full release from Red Hare:

Marietta, Georgia, March 9, 2017 —  Red Hare Brewing Company’s wildly popular beer, SPF 50/50, has been a rousing success since its launch in Summer 2016. Due to overwhelming customer response, SPF 50/50 is now available year round! SPF 50/50 is a light, refreshing blend of Gangway IPA and our house-made sparkling grapefruit soda - our first India Pale Radler! And at 4.2% ABV, SPF 50/50 is the perfect beer for a relaxing day... no matter the season.  “When we made SPF 50/50, we knew it’d be in every cooler that summer,”  says Roger Davis, Red Hare Founder and Managing Partner. “We’re so proud that it’ll now be in coolers all year round!”

A Summer Breeze Across the Region

Already in cans and on draught, SPF 50/50 can be found in package stores, bars, and restaurants across Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and the Florida panhandle. A unique twist on India Pale Ale and radler styles of beer, SPF 50/50 is crafted to be flavorful and easily drinkable — great for kicking back to relax in spring, summer, fall, or winter - re-apply as needed! “People have really responded well to SPF 50/50,” says Bobby Thomas, Red Hare’s Co-Founder and Head Brewer. “It’s a different kind of beer, but it tastes great and it’s unique.” 

A celebration of SPF 50/50’s becoming a mainstay will be on Saturday, March 25th from 2:00-6:00pm at the brewery. The party will feature live music and a food truck in addition to brewery tours, 36 oz. of beer samples, and souvenir glasses (with paid admission). For more information, check out: