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Ridgefield Craft Brewing Co. Expands Throughout Washington

Ridgefield Craft Brewing Co. Expands Throughout Washington

Ridgefield Craft Brewing Co. in Ridgefield, Washington has announced plans to expand its distribution. Full details are below.

RIDGEFIELD, Wash. – Ridgefield, one of the fastest growing cities in Washington state, is home to one of the fastest growing craft breweries in the state.

Operating a brand-new 10-barrel farm brewery just south of the sprawling suburban community, Ridgefield Craft Brewing has expanded from area taprooms to its own Taproom in the quaint downtown, to having its products featured at the popular ilani Resort and Casino nearby.

Now, the community-minded brewer has enlisted the support of local beverage distributors Kendall’s Pioneer and Browar Polska to make craft brews available to beer enthusiasts by delivering cases and kegs to area retailers, restaurants and taprooms.

“We are a local craft brewer and we want to stay a local craft brewer, said Steve Dronen, owner of Ridgefield Craft Brewing. “We want to make great beer and have it available throughout the community. We are happy to leave the distribution and back-office work to our partners who are eager and ready to support craft brewers.”

Dronen began with self-distribution but decided to partner with the two distributors whose parent company is Corwin Beverage Co., also based in Ridgefield. The partnership affords Dronen and his fiancé and general manager Ariana Overton the time to focus on innovative beers and operate a taproom while also raising three school-age children in the Ridgefield community.

“We will be well positioned across all distribution channels as we move out of the pandemic,” said Dronen. 

Distribution will center on two of the brewery’s nine beers, including an IPA and amber, which are proving to be their most popular so far. Brews such as Archaic Amber and New Whirled Order IPA are appearing in retail specialty coolers, along with eventual seasonal options. Meanwhile, at least five beer styles will be distributed for draft service as the brewery matches its creations with emerging craft beer tastes and preferences.

“We look forward to making these fresh, local beverages available for beer enthusiasts across the region,” said Sam Madrid, chief operating officer Corwin Beverage Co, and general manager of Browar Polska. “This is one of the nicest breweries anyone could imagine, with amazing equipment, quality assurance laboratories and a very committed staff.”

About Ridgefield Craft Brewing Company

Created in 2019, Ridgefield Craft Brewing in Ridgefield, Wash., is dedicated to creating quality craft beers and generating regional pride. Steve Dronen and his family created the Ridgefield area’s first 10-barrel production brewery which emerged from a hobby and is driven by a commitment to staying local. A dozen beers and ciders are on tap at The Ridgefield Craft Brewing Taphouse, 120 North 3rd Ave in downtown Ridgefield, including guest brews from the NorthBank Brewers Alliance. More information is at www.ridgefieldcraftbrewing.com.

About Kendall’s Pioneer Distributing and Browar Polska

Kendall’s Pioneer Distributing and Browar Polska are specialty distributors that provide high-quality craft beer, wine and cider products to retailers, bars and restaurants in Washington state. Kendalls Pioneer serves clients across southwest Washington while Browar Polska serves clients in the Seattle-Puget Sound area and points in eastern Washington. Both are business units of Corwin Beverage Company, a fourth generation family-owned business that has distributed refreshments in western Washington since 1941.