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Rupee Beer Launches Mango-Infused Summer Ale on World Mango Day

Discover the taste of summer with Rupee Beer's highly anticipated mango-infused summer ale. Embrace the flavors of mango and tropical aromas, perfectly pairing with spicy dishes.

Rupee Beer Launches Mango-Infused Summer Ale on World Mango Day

As the summer season reaches its peak, Rupee Beer, known for its award-winning lager, is set to make waves again with a highly anticipated new brew. Brothers Van and Sumit Sharma, the masterminds behind Rupee, have teamed up with a renowned global craft brewing legend, the creator of Shipyard Brewing Co.'s iconic Pumpkinhead Ale, to craft a refreshing and smooth summer ale infused with the tropical essence of India's national fruit – mangos.

"The beer industry, South Asian community, and restaurant & food world have been asking us for months if we have any new beers coming out, and after much thought, research and development, we are excited to launch our signature Mango Wheat Ale on World Mango Day on July 22nd," The Sharma brothers said in a press release.

Mango: A Symbol of Prosperity and India's Connection

Mangos hold a special place in Indian culture, not only as the national fruit but also as sacred symbols of prosperity and good luck. India's rich history with the fruit dates back to 4000 BC, boasting over 1000 unique varieties. One variety, the Chaunsa mango, carries a historical significance as it was named by Sultan Sher Shah Suri, the revolutionary leader who created the modern-day Indian Rupee, which inspired Rupee Beer's first beer. The Battle of Chaunsa, where Sultan Sher Shah Suri defeated the second Mughal Emperor, Humayun, led to the commemoration of his victory by naming his favorite mango variety as the Chaunsa.

Revolutionizing the Beer Industry with Indian Flavors

Having spent years living in London and Australia, Van and Sumit Sharma returned to America, bringing with them a desire to revolutionize an industry they felt was lacking representation and failing to cater to their cultural heritage. Growing up in the Indian restaurant trade, the brothers were determined to create beers specifically designed to complement the spicy and flavorful foods they cherished from their childhood.

The Brew: A Taste of Summer in India

Rupee's latest creation aims to be an easy-to-drink summer ale that encapsulates the essence of mango and tropical aromas. As the "King of Fruits," mango brings a smooth and delightful flavor profile to the brew, making it a perfect choice for summertime enjoyment.

Since its inception, Rupee Beer has quickly gained popularity, impressing not only local consumers but also international markets. The brand's debut lager earned widespread acclaim, securing placements at prominent national retailers such as Costco, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and Total Wine. Moreover, top international restaurants in the Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern and Mexican categories have embraced the brand, making Rupee Beer a go-to choice for beer enthusiasts seeking a perfect fusion of Indian flavors with craft brewing excellence.

As the summer heat lingers, Rupee Beer's latest mango-infused summer ale promises to be a refreshing and tantalizing addition to the craft beer scene. Brothers Van and Sumit Sharma's commitment to bringing authentic Indian flavors to the forefront of the brewing industry, combined with the expertise of a craft brewing legend, is sure to delight beer enthusiasts across the globe. Embracing the legacy of India's national fruit, the mango, Rupee Beer continues to carve its path as a true pioneer in the world of craft brewing.