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Rupee Beer Makes First Splash in Major American Sports League at Fenway Park

Experience Rupee Beer's award-winning basmati rice lager and mango wheat ale at Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. Explore Rupee's rapid expansion across the U.S. and its unique appeal to lovers of Indian cuisine. Unveil a new lager experience crafted with quality ingredients for a delightful dining and sports-watching experience.

Rupee Beer Makes First Splash in Major American Sports League at Fenway Park

In a groundbreaking move, Rupee Beer, the acclaimed Indian-inspired beer brand, has marked its territory in a major American sports league. Renowned as the "Best Beer For World Food," Rupee Beer's signature basmati rice lager and mango wheat ale have taken center stage at Fenway Park in Boston, MA, the revered home of the Boston Red Sox, nine-time MLB World Series champions. The brand's brewing facility is conveniently located just a stone's throw away from the iconic stadium.

The debut of Rupee Beer at Fenway Park was a part of the spectacular Red Sox India Day celebrations, in collaboration with the Indian Association of Greater Boston. In a thrilling fusion of culture and sports, alongside an array of delectable Indian cuisine, fans had the opportunity to relish Rupee Beer's exquisite flavors and don Red Sox India Day baseball jerseys during the game.

“The city of Boston is vital part to Rupee as we strategically chose the city to brew our beer when we kicked off production almost two years ago," the Sharma brothers said in a press release. "It’s also where we both went to university and where we realized how passionate Boston sports fans are, thus to see baseball fans of all walks of life drinking Rupee in Fenway Park was a very surreal moment for us and the brand. It’s also refreshing to see MLB embrace the South Asian community and highlight how far India has come.”

The journey of Rupee Beer is deeply rooted in the passion of two visionary brothers, Vanit & Sumit Sharma. As alumni of prestigious Boston & Northeastern University, the Sharmas identified a gap in the market during the early 90s when authentic Indian beer was a rarity across many corners of America. Their personal journey, marked by living across diverse regions like Kenya, India, England and Germany, contributed to their mission of bringing a piece of Indian culture to the U.S. shores. Their familial ties to Indian cuisine, spanning over five decades, further fueled their determination.

Rupee Beer is currently experiencing an exhilarating phase of hyper-growth, rapidly expanding its presence across the United States. The brand has already secured its place on the shelves of esteemed national chains such as Costco, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Total Wine & More. A stronghold of Rupee Beer's popularity also lies within the Indian/South Asian restaurant sector, where its specially crafted lager, designed to harmonize with the flavors of Indian, spicy and global cuisines, has captured the taste buds of patrons along the entire east coast.

Distinguished by its meticulous commitment to top-notch quality, Rupee Beer's brewing process combines premium rice, maize, malt and a carefully curated blend of three hops varieties. This unique approach redefines the traditional lager experience by tempering carbonation levels, resulting in a beverage that enhances the dining experience with diverse world foods, and is equally refreshing on sweltering summer evenings spent watching sports.

As Rupee Beer continues its remarkable journey, it has not only broken boundaries within the beer industry but has also woven a tapestry that intertwines culture, sports and culinary excellence. With each sip of Rupee Beer, enthusiasts savor a taste of India's rich heritage, blended seamlessly with the excitement of American sports, making it a cherished addition to the vibrant landscape of Fenway Park.