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Samuel Adams Utopias 2023 Unveiled by The Boston Beer Co.: One of the World's Strongest Beers Returns

Discover the exceptional flavors and innovation behind Samuel Adams Utopias® 2023, a rare and sought-after barrel-aged offering that pushes the limits of what beer can be. Get all the details on its unique brewing process, its tantalizing flavors and where to find it.

Samuel Adams Utopias 2023 Unveiled by The Boston Beer Co.: One of the World's Strongest Beers Returns

Since its debut in 2001, Samuel Adams Utopias® has emerged as a global sensation, renowned for its extraordinary strength, enigmatic allure and high demand among beer enthusiasts. With its deep ruby black hue and a notable absence of carbonation, it evokes the qualities of a vintage Port, while its elevated alcohol content inches closer to the refinement of a fine Cognac.

As Founder and Brewer Jim Koch explains, “We are delighted to announce the arrival of Utopias 2023, which continues our tradition of surprising beer lovers. It is brewed not distilled, and it is definitely beer!” 

“In the 1990s the big brewers were competing to make lighter and lighter beers, but I was drawn to the darker, richer end of the beer spectrum. We brewed Samuel Adams Double Bock in 1988, and then a Triple Bock in 1994. These beers are pioneers in the Extreme Beer movement. After the 1999 release of Millennium, we challenged ourselves to create an even stronger, more distinctive beer. Enter Utopias in 2001!”

The Brewing of Utopias 2023

Now a biennial release, Utopias 2023 continues its tradition as a fusion of several prior extreme beers, matured in a diverse array of barrels. While Utopias has consistently aged in charred whiskey casks, this year's iteration from the Sam Adams brewers introduces an expanded selection of barrels, promising even more intricate flavors.

In addition to the familiar American bourbon barrels, they've incorporated Scotch and peated whisky barrels for a touch of smokiness. To enhance its flavor profile, Utopias 2023 also embraces barrels from Ruby Port and Carcavelos in Portugal, as well as Cognac barrels from France, imbuing it with dark fruit nuances. A novel addition this year is the inclusion of barrels from Pineau des Charentes, a rare fortified French aperitif wine from western France, making Utopias 2023 a uniquely American innovation with European influences.

Brewed in Ohio, Aged in Pennsylvania, Blended in Massachusetts, Bottled in Delaware

Samuel Adams, having evolved over the past 39 years, has chosen to commemorate this growth and its guiding principle, "Together We Are Heavy." Each Utopias 2023 is meticulously crafted through the combined efforts of Boston Beer coworkers across four states.

The brewing and fermentation take place at the Samuel Adams Cincinnati Brewery, followed by aging in the exquisite cask room at the Samuel Adams Pennsylvania Brewery. It is then expertly sampled and blended with earlier vintage Utopias at the Samuel Adams Bier Keller within the Boston Brewery. Ultimately, the masterpiece is dispatched to the Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware for bottling, contained within ceramic bottles skillfully crafted by Brazilian artisans, resembling classic copper brew kettles. Utopias 2023 is the result of a profound labor of love and a remarkable team endeavor.

Indulging in Utopias 2023

For the ultimate experience, this exceptional barrel-aged beer is best enjoyed in a two-ounce portion, served at room temperature in a snifter glass to capture all its aromatic nuances. Samuel Adams Utopias® 2023 is available at select specialty beer and liquor stores, starting October 30th, with a suggested retail price of $240 per 24.5-ounce bottle.

Illegal in 15 States – But Legal in 35!

Notably, with its formidable 28% ABV, Utopias 2023 falls under the regulations of many states governing the maximum allowable ABV for beer. As a result, it is prohibited in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, and West Virginia. The pricing may vary depending on the market, and availability is expected to be limited.