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Sette Sei Beverages Expands Distribution of Sera Luce Venetian Spritz

Sette Sei Beverages Expands Distribution of Sera Luce Venetian Spritz

Sette Sei Beverages in Washington DC has announced expanded distribution for its popular 9 percent ABV Sera Luce Venetian Spritz. Full details on this expansion are below.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Having been rated “Excellent” by wine columnist Dave McIntyre of The Washington Post, Sette Sei Beverages recently expanded distribution of its Sera Luce Venetian Spritz.

Inspired by the iconic Spritz aperitivo, Sera Luce Venetian Spritz is a sparkling cocktail made with Garganega white wine from the Veneto region of Italy.  Infused with Valencia orange, a bouquet of bitter and savory herbs and other botanicals, it awakens your palate with the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. At 9% alcohol by volume, Sera Luce delivers a restaurant-level cocktail experience in a convenient 250 ml can.

Sera Luce creator Justin Pass, who spent nearly two years perfecting the recipe, states “The Spritz is one of the world’s most popular and iconic cocktails.  With its perfect size and ready to drink format, Sera Luce offers an easy and delicious way to experience this classic libation without the need to purchase and open multiple bottles that could turn or go flat.  Simply open a chilled can or pour over ice and enjoy”.

In addition to a relentless pursuit of quality, Sera Luce Venetian Spritz has been crafted with a focus on maintaining a low carbon footprint. Sustainability efforts include the use of 100% recyclable aluminum cans that weigh significantly less than glass bottles and take up less space, making them much more fuel efficient to ship.  In addition, the specially selected base wines are shipped in recyclable bulk containers directly from Sera Luce’s SQNPI certified winery partner in Italy to its New York canning facility.

To find Sera Luce Venetian Spritz near you, please contact Justin Pass or visit www.seraluce.com and learn more at @drinkseraluce on Instagram,  @drinkseraluce on Facebook or @drinkseraluce on Twitter.

About Sera Luce and Sette Sei Beverages

Launched by Philadelphia native Justin Pass, Sette Sei Beverages LLC specializes in the unique creation and marketing of conveniently packaged restaurant-quality cocktails.  Sera Luce was released to the Washington, DC market in late 2019, and is currently distributed in by Vintage Imports in NJ, PA, and DE, Artisans and Vines in MD and DC, and Banville Wine Merchants in Northern VA. Mr. Pass is a classically trained chef with more than 15 years of experience in the restaurant and fine wine industries, having worked for Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts and Winebow.

For More Information: seraluce.com