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Shiner Bock Beer Unveils "It's a Texas Thing" Ad Campaign Starring Jesse Plemons

Discover the refreshed packaging, embodying Texas heritage, and explore the nationwide availability of Shiner Light and Shiner Bock with Texan actor Jesse Plemons in Shiner's newest ad campaign.

 Shiner Bock Beer Unveils "It's a Texas Thing" Ad Campaign Starring Jesse Plemons

Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas, the proud creators of the beloved Shiner Bock Beer, have launched their latest campaign, "It's a Texas Thing," with a star-studded TV ad featuring native Texan actor Jesse Plemons. The ad debuted during the Oscars on March 10th, and the 30-second spot aims to introduce the refreshed Shiner Bock packaging and reaffirm its position as the ultimate craft beer in Texas.

Teaming up with the renowned creative agency Bakery and acclaimed director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, Shiner spared no effort in bringing the essence of Texas to life in the commercial. Plemons, known for his Texan roots, embodies a mysterious figure in a bar, sharing tales of Texas culture and Shiner's rich heritage, all while reinforcing the campaign's tagline, "It's a Texas Thing."

“For more than 100 years, Shiner has been the beer of Texas,” said Micky Ogando, Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Bakery. “It’s Willy Nelson. It’s Janis Joplin. It’s at every tailgate, house party and concert. It’s part of the state’s DNA. Knowing that new Texans tend to gravitate to Shiner after hearing about it from long-time Texans, this campaign is designed to mimic that experience, and Jesse is the perfect voice for that message.”

Following its debut during the Oscars, a series of :30 and :15 second spots featuring Plemons will be broadcasted nationally across various platforms including social media, YouTube, and Out-of-Home advertisements, amplifying Shiner's reach beyond Texas borders.

The commercial not only showcases Plemons' captivating performance but also unveils the newly designed Shiner Bock bottles and cans set to hit shelves nationwide in April. With subtle yet impactful updates including a Texas map, a prominently featured ram, and simplified typography, the refreshed packaging exudes a contemporary vibe, ensuring easier recognition amidst the crowded beer aisles.

“Shiner Bock is the heart and soul of Shiner Beer—we’re thrilled for Jesse to represent us in this new campaign,” said Nick Weiland, Brand Director at Shiner Beer. “It’s the perfect way to introduce Bock to a new generation of Texans! We can’t wait for people to see the spots and check out the new look and feel of our legendary cans and bottles.”

Moreover, Spoetzl Brewery has revamped the packaging for Shiner Light, incorporating vibrant colors and bold elements to evoke a sense of lightness and excitement. Both the elevated Shiner Light and Shiner Bock cans and bottles are now available nationwide and can also be purchased online from select retailers.

For further details, visit Shiner's official website.