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Shovel Town Brewery Head Brewer Andy Starsiak Talks Broad Blade

92 Rating - Exceptional

Shovel Town Brewery Head Brewer Andy Starsiak Talks Broad Blade

We spoke with Shovel Town Brewery Head Brewer Andy Starsiak about Broad Blade.

Who came up with this beer’s recipe?
I did. The grain bill started with the soul of PB Crunch (our award-winning coffee-peanut butter dessert stout) which was designed by Will and Wyatt Hope, then I peppered in crystal malt and hopped accordingly.

What’s your favorite aspect of this beer (flavor, aroma, etc.)?
The complex richness of the malt aroma and flavor. I love the balance and full body too.

Where does this beer’s name come from?
It's a bit on the nose, but, well, we're Shovel Town, and I wanted to reflect both the brewery's heritage and the hefty nature of an American stout. A broadsword was involved in the initial imagery, but we came back to the utility and beauty of the shovel.

Is this your “desert island beer?”
I've given birth (for lack of a better term) to so many Shovel Town beers that excite me that it's hard to say absolutely, but it's definitely top 3. And yes, I would absolutely drink a 6.8% American stout all the time on a hot desert island.

Can you describe this beer in 10 words or less?
The darkness within that we can't live without.

Do you know a story – or have a personal story – that revolves around this beer?
Oh yeah! Broad Blade was Shovel Town's first GABF medal. Wyatt Hope (our head cellar-dweller and QC king) and I were watching the ceremony online in the back office of the taproom on a busy night and "quality-controlling" a few pints. A lager from another local brewery that had the same category and name as one of our other entries had just won a gold medal. As they announce the brewery name AFTER the category and beer name we went from 100 to 0 in a split second and were gutted. So when Broad Blade was announced we were doubly excited and I may have done a cartwheel through the taproom. I'm 6'4", about 350, so that was something our guests didn't really know how to handle. It was magical. 

What's a good food pairing for this beer?
Grilled or authentic BBQ'd meats, rich desserts in the vein of creme brulee or dark chocolate cakes of any form and good bourbon (yes bourbon is a food).

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