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Snow Capped Cider Introduces Exciting Mountainside Taproom & Wine Bar to Grace Colorado’s Western Slope

Snow Capped Cider Introduces Exciting Mountainside Taproom & Wine Bar to Grace Colorado’s Western Slope

Austin, Colorado's Snow Capped Cider, a revered name in Colorado's apple growing and cider crafting scene, spearheaded by industry maven Kari Williams, is set to elevate the local beverage landscape with the unveiling of its newest venture - an alluring Taproom & Wine Bar nestled in the picturesque Cedaredge, Colorado. Anticipated for a grand opening in Summer 2024, this new establishment will be a beacon for connoisseurs seeking the finest craft ciders and wines the region has to offer.

“Colorado doesn’t always get the same recognition for its wine and cider as some other states like California, New York and Washington. We want to showcase the amazing fruit and produce that are created here in the Rockies,” says Kari Williams. “It takes a lot of extra work and care to harvest fruit in the mountainous growing conditions but the end results are absolutely amazing. The flavors that are captured from the Rocky Mountain terroir cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. We are so excited to open a cozy retreat for everyone to taste what Colorado has to offer.”

Founded in 2012, Snow Capped Cider has etched its name in the annals of Colorado's beverage culture, drawing from a rich heritage of orchard legacy spanning over a century. Rooted deeply in the fertile soils of Colorado's Western Slope, Snow Capped Cider prides itself on the meticulous cultivation of locally sourced fruits, meticulously selected for their unrivaled quality and cider-specific attributes. Drawing inspiration from age-old orchard traditions of Europe, each batch of cider embodies the essence of Colorado's terroir, free from artificial additives and bursting with natural flavor.

The forthcoming Taproom & Wine Bar is poised to be a haven for aficionados, showcasing an extensive array of Snow Capped Cider's acclaimed offerings, alongside a thoughtfully curated selection of Colorado's premier estate ciders and wines. Renowned for their commitment to excellence, Snow Capped Cider has garnered prestigious accolades including the Good Food Awards, GLINTCAP, and CiderCraft honors, further solidifying their status as pioneers in the craft cider movement.

Located at 105 S. Grand Mesa Drive, Cedaredge, the Taproom & Wine Bar occupies a historic 1940s gas station, meticulously renovated over the course of a year to preserve its vintage charm while offering a contemporary ambiance. Adorned with nods to its storied past, including vintage automobiles and farm implements, the space exudes a rustic yet inviting atmosphere, inviting patrons to immerse themselves in a journey through time while savoring the finest libations the region has to offer.

As excitement builds for the forthcoming grand opening, Snow Capped Cider invites enthusiasts to stay tuned for further details on this eagerly anticipated addition to Colorado's vibrant beverage scene. For more information, visit

About Snow Capped Cider: Established in 2012, Snow Capped Cider is the culmination of a century-long tradition of fruit cultivation and cider crafting, spearheaded by owner Kari Williams. Drawing from historic family orchards and a passion for exceptional beverages, Snow Capped Cider has garnered acclaim for its meticulously crafted ciders, fermented in adherence to authentic orchard-based traditions while embracing modern themes and trends.

About Snow Capped Cider Orchard: The legacy of Snow Capped Cider traces back to the late 1800s, with James Howard Williams (Pap) and their family orchards laying the foundation for a thriving agricultural enterprise. Spanning generations, the Williams family's commitment to excellence and innovation has positioned Snow Capped Cider Orchard as a premier destination for cider-specific fruit cultivation, boasting over 250 thousand cider-specific varieties and standing as the largest apple producer in Colorado. Situated at elevations ranging from 6130 to 7000 feet, Snow Capped Cider Orchard stands as a testament to Colorado's rich agricultural heritage and the enduring legacy of the Williams family.