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Social Fox Brewing Forms Strategic Partnership with J&L Ventures, LLC to Expand Beer Distribution in Georgia Market

Social Fox Embraces New Format and Teams up with Beverage South and Georgia Crown Distributing for Wider Reach

Social Fox Brewing Forms Strategic Partnership with J&L Ventures, LLC

Social Fox Brewing, a renowned craft beer company, has recently announced a significant partnership with J&L Ventures, LLC, marking a crucial step in expanding its market presence. The strategic deal involves a distribution agreement that links Social Fox Brewing with Beverage South, covering key regions in Georgia, including Athens, Augusta, Albany, Columbus, Griffin, Macon, and Rome. With Beverage South as their distributor, Social Fox Beer is set to make a resounding impact on the Georgia market, focusing primarily on Gwinnett County while also eyeing future growth in the South Carolina market. To strengthen their position in Atlanta, Social Fox has joined forces with Beverage South's sister company, Georgia Crown Distributing, to oversee beer distribution in the bustling city.

As part of this collaboration, Social Fox Brewing has made a significant shift in its packaging strategy. The company is bidding farewell to its 16oz - 4 pack format and transitioning to the more common 12oz - 6 pack format. This strategic move will enable them to offer a more competitive sales price, aligning their product with other prominent beer makers on the shelves across the Georgia market.

Starting from this month of August, beer enthusiasts can expect to find two of Social Fox's core beers in the new 12oz - 6 pack format. First up is "Trop Tail – NEIPA," a hazy and juicy IPA boasting a 6% alcohol by volume (ABV). The second featured brew is "Straight Outta Norcross," their interpretation of a West Coast IPA, also sporting a 6% ABV. But that's not all – Social Fox has big plans to introduce more of their popular brews in the 12oz format, including their rotating, fruited Berliner called "In Between Times" and their highly sought-after Imperial Sour series, "A Place to Imagine," all packaged in convenient 12oz cans.

Beer enthusiasts and customers in Georgia can eagerly anticipate finding Social Fox beer stocked at various local retailers throughout the state. The change in packaging format promises to provide easier access to their high-quality brews and enhance customer satisfaction.

The partnership between Social Fox Brewing and J&L Ventures, LLC is poised to take the craft beer scene in Georgia by storm. With Beverage South and Georgia Crown Distributing as strong allies, Social Fox's exceptional brews are sure to win the hearts of beer aficionados far and wide. Keep an eye out for Social Fox beer in its new 12oz - 6 pack format at your nearest Georgia retailer, and get ready to indulge in the rich flavors and enticing aromas crafted by this dynamic brewery.