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Southern Tier Brewing Co. Launches Cider Line

Southern Tier Brewing Co. Launches Cider Line

Southern Tier Brewing Co. in Lakewood, New York has announced a new cider line called Southern Tier Cider Works. More details can be found via a press release below.

LAKEWOOD, N.Y. – From beer to cider and beyond, the craft brewers at Southern Tier Brewing Company know no bounds when it comes to big flavor. Founders Phin and Sara DeMink along with the innovative brewers at Southern Tier have created a new line of refreshing and crisp ciders called Southern Tier Cider Works™.  Hitting shelves and taps this February, the line offers a variety of flavors including Unfiltered Apple, Rosé Hibiscus and Honey Ginger, in a range from dry to semi-sweet and hazy to bright at 5% ABV with nearly two-thirds less sugar than other cider brands. Each cider is a proud homage to the brewery’s Western New York roots, featuring real juice from Mayer Brothers, one of the oldest family-owned businesses in New York State. Naturally gluten free with no added sugar, the ciders also meet drinkers’ desire for something more consciously crafted.

Since commissioning their brewery in 2002 in the southern region of Western New York, Phin and Sara have been on a relentless pursuit to give drinkers alternative beverage options that focus on bold and innovative flavor. Their entrepreneurial drive led the brewery to deliver notable craft beer brands 2XIPA, Pumking and Blackwater Dessert Stouts. Now, the Chautauqua Lake-area staple continues that approach with its new line, Southern Tier Cider Works.

“Our goal at Southern Tier is to always provide the best craft option for any beverage occasion,” said Founder Phin DeMink. “At our Taprooms and at our favorite bars, our fans are always telling us that they’re looking for a cider option. We love ciders too, so for us it was a natural fit to go down this path and do it in a way that gives drinkers a few different varieties that are super flavorful and meet their preferences.”

Southern Tier Cider Works Unfiltered Apple, Rosé Hibiscus and Honey Ginger will first leave the brewery in mid-February in 6-pack 12 oz. cans and draft. The ciders will be available at bars and in stores across New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey and also available at Southern Tier Taprooms in Lakewood, NY, Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland, OH. For more information and to locate the ciders near you, visit SouthernTierCider.com.


After several years of professional brewery experience in Chicago, founders Phineas and Sara DeMink had a vision of bringing craft beers to a region rich in brewing heritage, but essentially devoid of production breweries. Southern Tier Brewing Company® began in 2002 in the lakeside town of Lakewood, New York. By 2005, the brewery covered most of the state as well as Pennsylvania. Demand soon outgrew capacity, and in 2009 a new brewery was built on adjacent property. Several additions later, a new 110-barrel brew house was constructed in late winter of 2013 and by autumn a 45,000-sq-ft distribution center, and a water treatment facility were opened. Continuous investments in quality, team, tools, and technology have helped Southern Tier grow into one of the top breweries in the country. The brewer began operation of Southern Tier Distilling Company® in 2015, makers of craft spirits including bourbon, tequila, vodka, gin, canned cocktails and vodka-based seltzer. In 2020, the brewery is introducing a new line of craft ciders, Southern Tier Cider Works™. Visit the brewery, distillery and Taproom locations in Lakewood, NY, Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland, OH.

For More Information: https://southerntiercider.com/