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Sprecher Announces Release of Cranberry Hard Cider and Perry

Wisconsin's Sprecher Brewery has announced the release of new Cidre de Pomme Cranberry Hard Cider and Perry Sparkling Pear Wine. For more, see the release below:

Glendale, WI – Fall is the season of warm memories and change. As leaves begin to drop from the trees, new fruits such as apples, cranberries and pears appear on store shelves in myriad forms signaling cooler temperatures and celebrations with family and friends. In 2014 Sprecher Brewery introduced Cidre de Pomme, a lightly carbonated sparkling hard cider. Unlike most hard ciders on the market, Cidre de Pomme is dry, slightly fruity with a tart finish that encourages another sip much like champagne. It has only seven (7) grams of sugar and seventy (70) calories per bottle, while the average cider has about twenty (20) grams of sugar and 180 calories per bottle. This fall, in addition to Cidre de Pomme, Sprecher is releasing a Hard Cranberry Cider, and a Perry, a lightly sparkling pear wine. All of these beverages are gluten free.

Wisconsin is the nation’s top producer of cranberries. Given that the unassuming cranberry-- a small fruit that packs a flavorful punch-- is Wisconsin’s state fruit and the state’s top crop both in size and economic value, our brewmaster decided to add a new note to Cidre de Pomme and make Cidre de Pomme Cranberry Cider. Perfect for any occasion, this hard cranberry cider has a bright pinkish hue, light carbonation and a dry, refreshing taste with a subtle lingering distinctly cranberry finish that clears the palate and compels another sip. Remarkably, Cidre de Pomme Cranberry Cider has only eight (8) grams of sugar and eighty (80) calories per twelve ounce bottle. Both hard ciders are 6.9% abv (alcohol by volume).