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Stone Brewing Unveils Holiday Essentials: Stone Xocoveza and 12 Days of IPAs Return for Festive Season

Discover Stone Brewing's holiday delights: Stone Xocoveza, a mocha stout, and 12 Days of IPAs advent calendar. Indulge in festive flavors this season!

Stone Brewing Unveils Holiday Essentials: Stone Xocoveza and 12 Days of IPAs Return for Festive Season

In the spirit of giving and indulgence that characterizes the holiday season, Stone Brewing has exciting news for beer enthusiasts and craft brew aficionados. The renowned brewery is proud to announce the return of two cherished holiday essentials, sure to delight palates and warm hearts as the festive season approaches.

Stone Xocoveza, a mocha stout inspired by the beloved Mexican Hot Chocolate, is making its triumphant return, much to the delight of its devoted fan base. This holiday favorite promises to deliver a symphony of flavors that perfectly encapsulate the warmth and indulgence of the season. Brewed with a meticulously crafted blend of ingredients, including chocolate, Mostra coffee, Pasilla peppers, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg, this stout offers an immersive sensory experience. The aroma is a heady mixture of cinnamon and spices upfront, with a lingering presence of coffee and sweet vanilla. This lively medley of flavors harmoniously balances sweet spices with rich, creamy chocolate. The mild roast coffee flavor shines through, while vanilla enhances the overall intensity. The Pasilla peppers add a subtle hint of heat to the finale. Despite this complexity, the beer's palate remains surprisingly bright, with just a touch of sweetness that complements its decadent flavors, resulting in an intensely flavorful, harmoniously balanced, and silky-smooth experience.

Stone Brewing Sr. Manager of Brewing & Innovation Jeremy Moynier added, “The first time you take a sip of Stone Xocoveza, it will immediately transport you to a winter day, sitting by the fire with hot cocoa and surrounded by good cheer. It’s a beer with several layers of ingredients coming together in different ways that get better and more complex as you keep drinking it.”

Additionally, Stone Brewing is bringing back Stone 12 Days of IPAs, now presented in an advent calendar style, perfect for those looking to enjoy a diverse selection of IPAs throughout the holiday season. This essential pack of holiday cheer contains 12 individual beers, offering a real gift from one of the world's most famous IPA breweries. Within this collection, beer enthusiasts can explore an array of IPA expressions, from new recipes to year-round staples and even retired fan-favorites. Stone's range of IPAs spans the spectrum, including the West Coast Style, big doubles, easy-drinking session IPAs, fruited variations, and gluten-reduced options.

The gift of holiday hops from Stone Brewing includes the following selections:

Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Black IPA (8.7%): Stone's most requested archive beer of all time.

Stone Ruination IPA (8.2%): The legendary first full-time bottled West Coast Style Double IPA that helped propel the ruinously hoppy beer movement.

Stone Go To IPA (4.7%) and Stone Neverending Haze IPA (4%): Two low-ABV favorites from years past, making their sub-5% ABV comeback.

Stone 27th Anniversary Lemon Shark Double IPA (9.6%): A beer celebrating 27 years of Stone's commitment to hop exploration, featuring a unique cast of New Zealand ingredients.

Alongside favorites such as Stone IPA (6.9%), Stone Delicious IPA (7.7%), Stone Hazy IPA (6.7%), Stone Delicious Citrus IPA (7.7%), Stone ///Fear.Movie.Lions Hazy Double IPA (8.5%), Stone Delicious Double IPA (9.4%), and Stone Tangerine Express Hazy IPA (6.7%).

With the return of these holiday essentials, Stone Brewing invites beer enthusiasts to savor the season of giving and indulgence with a perfect blend of craft beer excellence. Stone Xocoveza and the 12 Days of IPAs are ready to make your holidays extra special. Cheers to a festive and flavorful celebration!