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Stone Distributing Welcomes Ashland Hard Seltzer and El Segundo Brewing Co.


Stone Distributing Welcomes Ashland Hard Seltzer and El Segundo Brewing Co.

Stone Distributing has announced that it has added Ashland Hard Seltzer and El Segundo Brewing Co. to its roster. Full details are below.

ESCONDIDO, CA – Stone Distributing Co., (SDC) announces the addition of Ashland Hard Seltzer and El Segundo Brewing Company to its Southern California portfolio of craft beers. The two new partners began distribution from Stone effective November 8, 2021.

Ashland Hard Seltzer – The San Diego-based company crafts hard seltzers made with all-natural ingredients for outstanding taste and purity. No sugar, no fat, zero carbs, malt-free and gluten-free.

El Segundo Brewing Company – Hop-forward beers inspired by the West Coast IPAs of San Diego. El Segundo was founded over a love of hops and a commitment to freshness.

 “The Southern California distribution rights of Ashland Hard Seltzer and El Segundo Brewing Company are a significant addition to Stone Distributing’s portfolio of amazing partners” stated Tom McReavy Stone Brewing Sr. Vice President of Sales. “Our team has long admired the hop-forward IPAs of El Segundo and their commitment to freshness, and Ashland continues to be a top selling Seltzer in SoCal.  We are thrilled to partner with both and continue to build on their successes.”

Stone Distributing adds its latest brands in a commitment to continual growth. SDC now commands 20% craft share across Southern California, up 1% over last year.  

The distributor has added nine new distribution partners to its portfolio in 2021 including: Ashland Hard Seltzer, Bomani Cold Buzz, Crowns & Hops Brewing Co., El Segundo Brewing Company, Jiant Hard Kombucha, Societe Brewing Co., Spindrift Spiked, Tarantula Hill Brewing Co. and Villager Spirits. SDC is among the nation’s largest distributors of independent craft beer and continues to expand its portfolio in the craft alcohol space.