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Summer 2015, Issue 19

Premium Web Magazine - Inaugural Issue! 
Enjoy the same in-depth stories, expert reviews, industry news and features that were found in the print edition.
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From the Editor


Industry News




Brewing With Linus Hall
We ask Linus Hall about taking the plunge into the role of head brewer and co-owner at Yazoo Brewing Company.

Abita calls on the natural resources of Louisiana to produce
beers as distinctive as the Creole and Cajun cultures.

The Malting of America
Malt sources closer to the kettles are helping microbrewers and homebrewers get more creative.

Innovators Series: Matt Brynildson
One of the most decorated brewers in the world, Firestone Walker's Brynildson started out in pre-med before life took a different turn.



Fear And Laughter
Ralph Steadman and his Flying Dog labels.

Style Studies
Owen Ogletree underscores the difference between American Wheat Beer and its European cousins. Plus, the lagering of porters creates the Baltic style.

Connoisseur’s Corner
A Visit To Craft Beer's Alternate Universe - by Marty Jones





Wisconsin Brats and Beer
When should they meet and under what circumstances?

A Day In The Life At Cantillon
A photo tour of one of Brussels' finest breweries.

Festivals & Events
From Portland to London, we've got you covered. 



Beer Review
It's been known to rain this time of year. Never fear. We have the pours.

Brewers Q&A
Brewers share secrets of their most highly rated beers.

New Releases
The summer ales are here including cucumber, peach, raspberry and hibiscus varietals.

Book Review: Brew Britannia
A Strange Rebirth and More.

Product Review: The Grainfather
Brew by the Gallons.


The European Report

European News
Antwerp City Brewery becomes a tourist destination.

Showdown in Lochristi
What happens when an American stout meets a Belgian sour?

Featured European Beers
Selections from Belgium.