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Summer 2019, Issue 43

In this, our Summer Issue #43, we bring you a variety of engaging topics, starting with Jessica Zimmer delving into the sticky-icky-icky topic of cannabis in beverages with Cannabis in Beverages: A Definitive Guide.

Then, we bring you a variety of best-of lists – leading off with The World’s 15 Rarest Beer for Collectors by KC Morgan. These extremely rare releases may have only been available once and are some of the most sought-after beers among traders and connoisseurs.

After that, Kristen Kuchar chimes in with the Top 20 Places to Drink Beer in Chicago featuring a plethora of brewpubs, breweries, bars, restaurants and festivals. After that, we explore our own list of the Top 30 Fruit Beers our judges have ever reviewed.

What’s an issue without some educational pieces? Nelson Crowle dissects ways in which brewers and homebrewers can measure sourness in beer in How to Measure Sourness in Beer, and Owen Ogletree gives us an in-depth definition of the ever-popular and omnipresent Pilsner style with Defining the Pilsner Style.

We close out the issue with two globe-trekking travel stories: First up is Bryan Cohen’s Bratislava Beer Tour, which delves into the varied and interesting beer scene in the capital of Slovakia, and finish up the issue with Jim Dykstra’s exploration of Nicaragua’s nascent craft beer scene in Nicaragua: The Land of Volcanoes, Surfing and Beer. 

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Cannabis in Beverages: A Definitive Guide
Jessica Zimmer covers everything there is to know about cannabis in beverages, ranging from legality to commercial examples and everything in between.

The World's 15 Rarest Beers for Collectors
KC Morgan explores beers that would make even the most cynical of beer geeks gasp in excitement if they were seen in your collection.

Top 20 Places to Drink Beer in Chicago
Kristen Kuchar provides a list of the 20 finest establishments in the Windy City for imbibing tasty brews.



Top 30 Fruit Beers
A list of the 30 best Fruit Beers that our judges have ever reviewed in our Official Review.

How to Measure Sourness in Beer
Nelson Crowle offers up details on the ways in which sourness can be gauged when brewing beer, as well as how various different types of acidity can affect the brewing process.

Defining the Pilsner Style
Owen Ogletree gives readers an in-depth history and detailed definition of the ever-popular and omnipresent Pilsner style.





A Bratislava Beer Tour
Bryan Cohen gives readers a tour of the scintillating beer scene in the capital city of Slovakia.

Nicaragua: The Land of Volcanoes, Surfing and Beer
Jim Dykstra took a trip to Nicaragua, where he experienced the country's first-ever craft brewery in the form of Nicaragua Craft Beer Co., as well as iguanas, volcano riding and lots of rain.



Official Review
Single-blind reviews from our panel of experts. Featuring Heavy Seas Red Flag, Superstition Meadery Blueberry Spaceship Box, Cape May Bourbon Barrel-Aged Concrete Ship and more!

Brewer Q & A
Brewers share secrets of their highest-scoring beers.

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