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Surreal Brewing Co. Debuts Non-Alcoholic Pastry Porter

Surreal Brewing Co. Debuts Non-Alcoholic Pastry Porter

Surreal Brewing Co. in Campbell, California has announced its newest non-alcoholic beer: a complex and flavorful pastry porter. More details from the brewery are below.

CAMPBELL, Calif. — Surreal Brewing Company thinks beer drinkers ought to get their just desserts, which is why the company has introduced its latest all-natural, non-alcoholic craft beer, Pastry Porter. Earthy hops balance out notes of roasted coffee and dark chocolate making Pastry Porter the perfect companion to bring to story-filled nights around the campfire or gathered round the ski lodge fireplace.

Pastry Porter’s decadently complex flavor delights the palate with the flavors of cacao nibs—to enhance the rich, chocolate undertones—and, vanilla for its warm, floral notes. Milk sugar and monk fruit have been added to the recipe, contributing to the beer’s complexity.

Awarded World’s Best Non-Alcoholic Beer of 2019, Surreal Brewing Company is the family-founded and operated brewing company that specializes in all-natural, non-GMO, non-alcoholic craft beers as a healthy, yet flavorful, alternative to alcohol and/or sugary drinks. Pastry Porter joins the company’s four other distinct brews, all available at 50 calories or under, no sugar, and two reduced gluten options: Chandelier Red IPA, Juicy Mavs Hazy IPA, 17 Mile Porter, and Natural Bridges Kolsch Style.

Their line of innovative brews are available nationwide at Total Wine and More, at BevMo (in California), select Whole Foods stores, online at www.surrealbrewing.com/shop, and at many other retailers across the nation.

About Surreal Brewing Company

Founded in Campbell, California by husband and wife team, Tammer Zein-El-Abedein and Donna Hockey, Surreal Brewing aims to fill a void in the marketplace with a variety of great-tasting non-alcoholic beverages. Surreal Brewing brings forth a new era in which health-conscious and sober individuals can still enjoy the unique, crisp flavor of beer anytime without regret or exclusion from social gatherings.