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Tasting Greece: The Search for the Best Greek Beer

Travel with us on a captivating odyssey through the ancient and modern realms of Greek beer, where tradition meets innovation. From the Minoan Brewing Heritage to the rise of contemporary craft breweries, join our exploration of Greece's beer culture, history, traditional styles, popular brands and the flourishing craft beer scene.

Tasting Greece: The Search for the Best Greek Beer

In the realm of libations, Greek beer stands as a captivating fusion of tradition and modern innovation. Greek Breweries, which are deeply rooted in history, meticulously brew beers that reflect the diverse cultural tapestry of their home country. From the iconic pale ales of Athens, subtly kissed with honey, to the avant-garde experiments of urban microbreweries across the country, each sip of historic Greek beer unfolds a narrative of regional identity and scrupulous craftsmanship.

Here, we will cover Greek beer culture, its history and origins, traditional beer styles, popular brands, the craft beer scene, top craft breweries, craft beer tours, must-try flavors, notable ingredients and food pairing suggestions. Read on to explore more!

Introduction To Greek Beer Culture

Greek Beer Culture reflects a rich tapestry woven with centuries-old traditions that exemplify the country's commitment to conviviality and heritage. Rooted deeply in the Mediterranean lifestyle, Greece's beer culture extends beyond the beverage itself, encapsulating a profound sense of community and celebration.

In recent years, the Greek craft beer movement has blossomed, producing a scene with a diverse array of beer flavors that pay homage to local ingredients and regional nuances. From Greece-grown hops to indigenous herbs, brewers artfully infuse their creations with a distinctive Greek identity. The conviviality of beer-drinking is further accentuated by the ubiquity of tavernas and kafeneia where locals gather to share stories over a pint.

In the realm of Greek beer, history intertwines with innovation to create a dynamic and evolving landscape. Whether sipped against the backdrop of ancient ruins or amidst the lively pulse of the country's modern cities, Greek beer culture seamlessly bridges the past and present, making it a captivating facet of the nation's social fabric.

History And Origins Of Beer In Greece

The history and origins of beer in Greece are deeply rooted in ancient times, offering a fascinating journey through the cultural and social fabric of this ancient civilization. Beer, as a beverage, holds a significant place in Greek history, as it has been intertwined with religious rituals, social gatherings and daily life for millennia.

The Minoan Brewing Heritage (2000 BCE)

The origins of the first beer in Greece can be traced back to the Minoan civilization, which flourished on the island of Crete around 2000 BCE. Archaeological evidence suggests that the Minoans were not only skilled brewers but also regarded beer as an essential element in their religious practices. Excavations at the ancient site of Knossos have unearthed artifacts such as ceramic vessels with residue indicative of beer production.

Mycenaean Advancements (16th - 12th Century BCE)

The influence of the Minoans extended to mainland Greece on the Peloponnese Peninsula, where the Mycenaean civilization inherited their brewing practices. The Mycenaeans, who thrived from the 16th to the 12th century BCE, further developed the art of beer-making. Clay tablets found at Mycenaean sites provide insights into the brewing process and showcase the importance of beer in both religious ceremonies and everyday life.

Archaic and Classical Resurgence (8th - 4th Century BCE)

With the decline of the Mycenaean civilization, the Greek Dark Ages ensued, and much of the knowledge and practices related to beer production faded into obscurity. However, during the subsequent Archaic and Classical periods, the consumption of beer experienced a resurgence. It was not only a popular beverage among the common people but also gained favor among the aristocracy.

The ancient Greeks, however, held a somewhat ambivalent view of beer compared to Greek wine. While wine held a prominent position in symposiums and religious rituals, beer was often considered a beverage of the lower classes. Despite this, the consumption of beer continued, and evidence of its popularity can be found in the works of ancient writers such as Xenophon and Aristophanes.

Hellenistic Adaptations (4th – 1st Century BCE)

As Hellenistic influence spread across the Mediterranean, beer-making techniques evolved further. The introduction of new ingredients including various grains and herbs added complexity to the flavors of Greek beers.

Roman and Byzantine Continuation (1st Century CE Onward)

With the rise of the Roman Empire, beer continued to be an integral part of Greek culture while adapting to the tastes and preferences of the time. The Byzantine era witnessed further fusion of brewing traditions, which incorporated influences from the East and preserved the legacy of beer in Greek society. Beer persisted as a beverage of cultural significance to navigate through various historical shifts as well.

Modern Reflections and Craft Brewing

Today, modern craft brewers draw inspiration from Greece's ancient brewing legacy. The tradition of brewing has evolved dynamically to ensure that the art of beer-making remains a vibrant and integral part of Greece's culinary heritage. The historical journey from Minoan roots to contemporary craft brewing reflects the enduring legacy of beer in Greek culture.

Traditional Greek Beer Styles

Even though Greece is often associated with wine, Greek beer culture has a rich history, and the country has a growing craft beer scene with a variety of traditional and modern beer styles. Some traditional Greek beer styles include:

Koumessa: Historically, Koumessa was a fermented beverage made from grape juice and barley. It is considered one of the ancient Greek alcoholic drinks and its roots can be traced back to ancient times.

Tsipouro: While not a beer, Tsipouro is a traditional Greek spirit often associated with social gatherings. It is a strong distilled spirit made from grape pomace, the residue left after wine production. It is not a beer, but an essential part of Greek drinking culture nonetheless.

Mavro: Mavro means "black" in Greek, and it refers to dark beers. These beers are often rich, full-bodied, and have roasted malt flavors, which also have further variations such as Mavro Ale or Mavro Stout.

Blonde Ales: Light and golden ales are also popular in Greece and offer a refreshing option, especially during the warmer months on the Mediterranean. These beers are often crisp with moderate hop bitterness and malt sweetness.

Amber Ales: Amber ales of Greece are characterized by their balanced malt and hop profiles. They fall somewhere between light and dark beers to offer a more robust flavor without the heaviness of a dark beer.

Honey Beers: Greece has a long history of beekeeping and honey is a traditional ingredient that finds its way into some Greek beers. Honey beers can range from light and sweet to darker, more robust styles.

Wheat Beers: With a warm climate, wheat beers, including hefeweizens and witbiers, are popular choices in Greece. These beers are often light, slightly cloudy and have a pleasant refreshing taste.

Popular Commercial Greek Beer Brands & Their Unique Characteristics

From traditional recipes to modern innovations, Greece boasts a diverse array of commercial beer brands, each with its own distinctive features. Let’s now explore the popular and large Greek Breweries that have made a mark on the country's beer culture.

Mythos Beer: Mythos is one of the most well-known Greek beer brands, owned by Carlsberg Group, and it is widely available both domestically and internationally. It is known for its lager with a light and crisp taste, which makes it the most famous Hellenic beer, especially during the hot Greek summer months.

Septem Microbrewery: Septem is a Greek microbrewery that has gained recognition for its top-notch craft beers. They produce the best variety of styles including pale ales, IPAs, and experimental brews for the Greek market. The brewery is known for using Greek ingredients and incorporating unique flavors into its beers.

Nissos Craft Beer: Nissos, with European AFQ certification, is a craft brewery located on the island of Tinos with crisp and clean beer profiles. They produce a range of beers including a blonde ale, a lager and an organic pilsner.

Fix Beer: Fix is another iconic Greek beer brand with a history dating back to the 19th century. Fix Hellas is considered a premium lager beer produced by Fix Beer that offers a balanced and refreshing flavor. It is one of the oldest beer brands in Greece and Fix is the single-oldest brewery in the country.

Alfa Hellenic Beer: Alfa produces a range of beers including popular options such as Alfa Hellenic Lager and Alfa Beer Weiss. The lager is a classic beer from this Athenian Brewery. It experienced a relaunch in 2000, which updated the beer's flavors and ingredients and reshaped the brewery's branding.

Vergina Beer: Vergina Beer, made by Macedonian Thrace Brewery, are known for their quality and distinctive branding with attention to flavor and balance. The brewery produces a variety of styles including a lager, a dark ale and a black lager.

Rise of Craft Beer in Greece

The craft beer industry in Greece has experienced a notable ascent in recent years, propelled by a convergence of factors.

Changing consumer preferences have driven a demand for diverse and artisanal brews, which promoted a departure from mass-produced alternatives. This shift aligns with a broader cultural movement valuing locally sourced and high-quality products above all else.

Entrepreneurs and enthusiasts have seized upon this trend to establish small, independent breweries across the country. These breweries showcase a commitment to innovation while experimenting with unique ingredients and brewing techniques to craft distinctive flavors.

Additionally, the country's thriving tourism sector has contributed to the visibility and demand for Greek craft beers as tourists seek authentic local experiences.

Regulatory changes and the proliferation of beer festivals further bolster the growth of this dynamic industry to position Greece as an emerging hub within the global craft beer landscape.

Top Craft Breweries To Visit In Greece

Embark on a captivating journey through the vibrant craft beer scene in Greece by exploring the top craft breweries that have been making waves in recent years. Here are the must-visit destinations for craft beer enthusiasts seeking an authentic and immersive experience in the heart of Greek brewing excellence.

septem microbrewery beers

1. Septem Microbrewery

Septem Microbrewery, situated on the idyllic island of Euboea, stands as a beacon of Greek craft brewing innovation. Founded by Sophocles Panagiotou and Georgios Panagiotou with a commitment to quality, Septem has carved a niche for itself in the burgeoning Greek craft beer scene.

Their diverse portfolio of brews showcases a harmonious blend of traditional Greek brewing techniques and contemporary creativity. Visitors to Septem Microbrewery are treated to an immersive experience, surrounded by the serene beauty of Euboea.

The brewery's dedication to using locally sourced ingredients adds a distinctive terroir to each sip, which makes it a must-visit destination for those seeking the essence of Greek craft beer excellence.

  • Rating (Untappd): ⭐3.59
  • Address: Orologio Avlon, 34009, Euboea, Greece
  • Operation Hours: 9 AM to 7 PM
  • Website: Septem Microbrewery

Notable Beers To Try

  • 8th Day (8η Μέρα)
  • Sunday's Honey Golden Ale
  • Friday's Pale Ale
  • Monday's Pilsner
  • Thursday's Premium Red Ale
  • Saturday's Porter
  • WednesDay Wheat IPA
  • Septem Retro

Awards Won by Septem Microbrewery

  • Best Greek Beer 2014
  • Best Brewery of Greece from 2011-2014
  • Medals from the International Beer Challenge in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014
  • Brussels Beer Challenge

Nissos Microbrewery

2. Nissos Microbrewery

Nissos Beer is a true success story of the Greek craft beer scene. Nestled on the island of Tinos, this artisanal brewery has carved a niche for itself in the vibrant world of microbrewing.

Nissos takes pride in using high-quality and locally sourced ingredients to capture the essence of the Aegean terroir in every sip. From crisp lagers to bold ales, their diverse range of beers reflects a commitment to both tradition and revolution.

Embracing the island's rich history and culture, Nissos Microbrewery has become a go-to destination for beer enthusiasts seeking a taste of authentic Greek craftsmanship.

  • Rating (Untappd): ⭐3.23
  • Address: Epar.Od, Tinou-Ormou Agiou Ioannis, Tinos 842 00, Greece
  • Operation Hours: 5 PM to 6 PM
  • Website: Nissos Microbrewery

Notable Beers To Try

  • Nissos All Day
  • Nissos Tholi
  • Nissos Greek Island Pilsner
  • Nissos 7 Beaufort
  • Nissos Apocalyψη
  • Nissos Pure Lager

Awards Won by Nissos Microbrewery

  • Medals from European Beer Star
  • The International Beer Challenge
  • European Beer Challenge
  • Brussels Beer Challenge
  • World Beer Awards


3. Solo Craft Brewery

Solo Craft Brewery, located in the heart of Crete, boasts a vibrant taproom that offers an array of distinctive beers. Among its celebrated brews are Psaki, which is a Greek name meaning "poison", the bold and flavorful Horiatiki, the classic Americana and the enigmatic 13th Apostle. 

The craft brewery has garnered acclaim on the global stage for its popular beers and clinched medals at prestigious events like the International Beer Cup and the Barcelona Beer Challenge. 

With a commitment to quality and innovation, Solo Craft Brewery has become a beacon for beer enthusiasts seeking unique and award-winning flavors on tap in Greece.

  • Rating (Untappd): ⭐3.65
  • Address: 35, Kountourioti, 71601 Heraklion, Crete, Greece
  • Operation Hours: 11 AM to 4 PM
  • Website: Solo Craft Brewery

Notable Beers To Try

  • Psaki (Σόλο Ψακί)
  • Horiatiki (Σόλο Χωριάτικη)
  • Fouriaris (Σόλο Φουριάρης)
  • Americana (Σόλο Αμερικάνα)
  • Skotidi (Σόλο Σκοτίδι)
  • Askianos (Σόλο Ασκιανός)
  • 13th Apostle (Σόλο 13ος Απόστολος)

Awards Won by Solo Craft Brewery

  • Barcelona Beer Challenge
  • International Beer Cup


4. Siris Microbrewery

Siris Microbrewery was established in the northern region of Serres, which stands as a testament to unwavering dedication to traditional brewing craftsmanship. 

With a focus on producing unfiltered, high-quality beers, Siris has etched its mark in the evolving landscape of Greek craft brewing. The brewery's commitment to authenticity extends beyond its creations to offer visitors a glimpse into the rich heritage of Serres. 

Siris Microbrewery’s approach to brewing mirrors harmonious ways to create a distinct sensory experience. It is renowned for its purity in brewing and invites discerning enthusiasts to appreciate the nuanced flavors of Greek craft beer excellence.

  • Rating (Untappd): ⭐3.39
  • Address: EO, Serron Dramas 8, Argiroupoli 661 00, Greece
  • Operation Hours: 8 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Website: Siris Microbrewery

Notables Beers To Try

  • Voreia Pilsner
  • Voreia IPA
  • Voreia Wit
  • Voreia Smoked Amber Ale
  • Voreia Stout
  • Happy Brewers East Coast IPA
  • Voreia Lager

Awards Won by Siris Microbrewery

  • Brussels Beer Challenge
  • Greek Beer Awards

santorini donkey beers

5. Santorini Brewing Co.

Santorini Brewing Company, situated against the breathtaking backdrop of the Aegean Sea, is widely recognized for excellent product quality. This distinguished brewery, perched on the iconic Santorini island to provide stunning scenic views, meticulously crafts a collection of beers that mirror the unique terroir.

With flagship offerings such as the Red Donkey, Yellow Donkey and Crazy Donkey, Santorini Brewing Co. captivates the palate with a fusion of traditional Greek ingredients and modern-day brewing techniques.

The brewery's commitment to excellence has garnered international recognition, which solidifies its status as a prominent brewery in the Greek craft beer renaissance. A visit to Santorini Brewing Co. is an invitation to savor the essence of Greek brewing mastery.

  • Rating (Untappd): ⭐3.62
  • Address: Episkopi Gonias, 847 00, Greece
  • Operation Hours: 12 PM to 4 PM
  • Website: Santorini Brewing Co.

Notable Beers To Try

  • Yellow Donkey
  • Red Donkey
  • Crazy Donkey
  • Lazy Ass
  • White Donkey
  • Slow Donkey
  • Ten Donkeys

microbrewery of thessaly beer

6. Microbrewery of Thessaly

Microbrewery of Thessaly is a paragon of brewing excellence in central Greece. It is renowned for its dynamic range of craft beers that invites connoisseurs to explore a palate of diverse and meticulously crafted brews.

The brewery's location in the vibrant city of Volos contributes to its unique character by offering a blend of urban sophistication and traditional craftsmanship. 

Over the years, the Microbrewery of Thessaly has become a prevalent destination that entices enthusiasts to indulge in the rich tapestry of flavors.

Notable Beers To Try

  • Argo (Αργώ) Golden Ale
  • Molotov
  • Papa Nero
  • Thess 2310 PILS
  • Freddo Espresso
  • Voliotissa Pilsner
  • Siparos Golden Ale

Craft Beer Tours of Greece

Brewery tours in Greece are relatively new but are a rapidly growing concept, having taken root in the spring of 2021 with the pioneering efforts of Bonnie & Clyde Urban Tours.

Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours, an award-winning travel agency co-founded by a French-Canadian and a cosmopolitan Greek, invites young-at-heart travelers to embark on unique, non-touristy, small-group beer and food adventures in Chania and Rethymno on the island of Crete, Greece.

Specializing in craft beer tours, they offer an exciting exploration of the Greek beer scene, featuring over 110 independent micro, craft and nomad breweries. Their tasting tours are designed for beer lovers of all levels, from newcomers to enthusiasts. Knowledgeable guides share their passion, offering insights into the secrets of Greek craft beer, the history of beers, their ingredients, flavors and even tasting techniques. The tours demystify beer styles, including the popular IPA, and help participants develop a comprehensive beer vocabulary.

bonni -and clyde urban tours logo

* * * * * *

"We used to think beer in Greece was all boring, bland and flavorless lagers, at least until the craft movement took this sea-loving country by storm! Greek craft beer will blow your mind: passionate master brewers, beer labs, international collaborations and a healthy dose of breweries offering beer lineups of remarkable quality."

- Marie Claire Gagnier, Director and Co-Founder of Bonnie & Clyde Urban Tours

Marie Claire Gagnier, Director and Co-Founder of Bonnie & Clyde Urban Tours

"In the spring of 2021 we launched the first craft beer tours in the country! Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours is a pioneer in showcasing top beers from across the country to its thirsty international guests. Selecting from local must-drinks to wild one-offs and fun seasonal styles, we're making the love of beer accessible to all, from dedicated beer geeks to the slightly beer-curious and everyone in between. We demystify beer styles and their brewing practices, and we aim to make beer tasting in Greece a friendly and enjoyable experience, especially when paired with foods from the world-renowned Mediterranean Diet and Cretan Gastronomy. Join us on Crete Island for a non-touristy craft beer and food tour. Love & beer!"

* * * * * *

In addition to Craft Beer Tours, Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours present the Eat & Crete gastronomy tour of Chania, which travels through the expansive and elevated Lefka Ori (aka White Mountains), a mountain range situated in the western part of Crete.

Greek Beer Map Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours

Access Map
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Since 2021, craft beer tours in Greece have been steadily gaining momentum to attract both locals and international enthusiasts to explore the diverse world of Greek craft brews. Here is what one can expect to enjoy on a craft beer tour in Greece:

1. Variety of Craft Beers

  • Local Breweries: Craft beer enthusiasts in Greece can explore a diverse range of local breweries that have sprung up across the country. These breweries often showcase unique and innovative brews, incorporating both traditional Greek flavors and international influences.
  • Craft Beer Festivals: Greece hosts craft beer festivals to provide a platform for enthusiasts to sample a wide variety of beers, learn about brewing techniques, and interact with local and international brewers.

2. Local Culture

  • Historical Connections: Craft beer tours in Greece offer a blend of beer appreciation and cultural exploration. Enthusiasts can learn about the historical connections between beer and Greek culture to uncover the roots of brewing practices and their significance in local traditions.
  • Art and Craftsmanship: Many craft breweries in Greece emphasize the artistry and craftsmanship of brewing. Visitors can witness the passion and dedication of brewers who take pride in creating unique and high-quality beers.

3. Cuisine Pairing

  • Gastronomic Delights: Beyond just beer, craft beer tours in Greece often incorporate a gastronomic experience. Visitors can enjoy beer tastings paired with traditional Greek dishes to create a harmonious fusion of flavors that enhance the overall culinary experience.
  • Local Ingredients: Craft breweries in Greece often use locally sourced ingredients which contribute to the uniqueness of their beers. Tour participants can gain insights into the brewing process and how local flavors are incorporated into beers.

4. Scenic Locations

Craft beer tours in Greece, particularly in regions like Crete, with its white mountains and azure blue seas, offer enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy their favorite brews amidst breathtaking landscapes. Brewery visits are often complemented by stunning views, which help to create a memorable and picturesque experience.

5. Community Engagement

The emergence of craft beer in Greece has fostered a sense of community among beer enthusiasts. Tours often provide opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences and contribute to the growth of the craft beer culture in the country.

In summary, the craft beer scene in Greece has evolved rapidly to offer a rich and multifaceted experience for enthusiasts who seek not only diverse and high-quality beers, but also a deeper understanding of the local culture, cuisine and landscapes.

Must-Try Greek Beer Flavors and Ingredients

Greek beer offers a diverse range of flavors and styles, often influenced by local ingredients and brewing traditions. Here are some must-try Greek beer flavors and ingredients:

1. Santorini Blonde Ale

Flavors: Light and crisp with a touch of citrus.

Ingredients: Santorini or Greek barley, known for its unique character and local citrus fruits.

2. Meteora Honey Wheat Ale

Flavors: Smooth wheat ale with hints of honey sweetness.

Ingredients: Local Greek honey and wheat malt.

3. Crete Olive-Infused Lager

Flavors: Refreshing lager with a subtle olive undertone.

Ingredients: Kalamata olives or local olive varieties.

4. Athenian IPA

Flavors: Bold and hoppy with citrus and pine notes.

Ingredients: Greek-grown hops and a blend of aromatic malts.

5. Rhodes Fig Porter

Flavors: Rich and dark with the sweetness of figs.

Ingredients: Fresh figs from Rhodes, roasted malt and chocolate notes.

6. Thessaloniki Ouzo-Infused Saison

Flavors: Spicy and herbal with a hint of anise from ouzo infusion.

Ingredients: Local herbs, saison yeast and a touch of Thessaloniki's famous ouzo.

7. Cretan Citrus Witbier

Flavors: Light and citrusy with a wheat base.

Ingredients: Cretan oranges and lemons, along with traditional wheat beer ingredients.

8. Mykonos Sea Salt Gose

Flavors: Tart and salty, reminiscent of the sea.

Ingredients: Mykonos sea salt and a hint of coriander.

9. Peloponnese Pomegranate Pilsner

Flavors: Crisp pilsner with a burst of pomegranate sweetness.

Ingredients: Fresh pomegranate juice from the Peloponnese region.

10. Epirus Mountain Herb Lager

Flavors: Herbal and earthy, capturing the essence of the Epirus mountains.

Ingredients: Local mountain herbs like oregano, thyme and sage.

Beer and Food Pairing Suggestions

Greek cuisine offers a variety of flavors and pairing Greek beer with different delectable dishes can enhance the dining experience significantly. Here are some Greek beer and food pairing suggestions:

Mythos Lager + Grilled Seafood

Mythos Lager, with its crisp profile and rich head, can complement the freshness of grilled seafood to bring out the natural flavors. It can also provide a refreshing balance to the Mediterranean notes of Greek salad and the creamy texture of tzatziki. Additionally, the effervescence of Mythos can cut through the richness of feta cheese to create a harmonious pairing.

Fix Hellas + Souvlaki

Fix Hellas, a traditional Greek lager, can pair excellently with the savory and hearty dishes of Greek cuisine. The maltiness of Fix Hellas can complement the grilled meats in souvlaki and the layered flavors of moussaka and pastitsio. Its smoothness is capable of enhancing the succulence of lamb kleftiko to create a delightful union of flavors.

Vergina Weiss + Spanakopita  

Vergina Weiss, with its wheat beer characteristics, is a great match for dishes with vibrant flavors. It can pair well with the freshness of spanakopita and the lightness of white fish. The fruity and citrus notes of Vergina Weiss can elevate the taste of Greek lemon chicken and harmonize with the delicate flavors of dolmades.

Alfa Hellenic Lager + Gyro

Alfa Hellenic Lager, a versatile beer, can also complement the smokiness of grilled meats in gyro and souvlaki. Its clean and crisp profile can enhance the savory taste of keftedes and bring out the natural sweetness of grilled vegetables.

Septem 8th Day IPA + Spicy Saganaki

Septem 8th Day IPA, with its hop-forward profile, pairs wonderfully with bold and spicy Greek dishes. It can complement the richness of spicy saganaki and add a layer of complexity to grilled lamb chops. The hop bitterness contrasts with the creaminess of tzatziki to create a dynamic and memorable pairing.

Nissos Pilsner + Greek-Style Pizza

Nissos Pilsner, with its crisp and clean taste, couples well with lighter Greek dishes. It can complement the flavors of Greek-style pizza and add a refreshing touch to taramosalata. The beer's effervescence can enhance the brininess of Greek olives and complement the crispy texture of zucchini fritters.

Volkan Santorini Blonde + Shrimp Saganaki 

Volkan Santorini Blonde, with its unique character, is a great match for dishes with Mediterranean flair. It can complement the earthy taste of Santorini fava and add a refreshing note to shrimp saganaki. The beer's complexity pairs well with the diverse flavors of a Greek meze platter to create an engaging tasting experience.

Meteora Blond + Pita & Hummus

Meteora Blond, with its balanced profile, can match the flavors of Greek pita bread with hummus and the savory notes of a chicken souvlaki wrap. Its versatility makes it a suitable pairing for Greek-style bruschetta to allow the ingredients to shine while providing a refreshing backdrop.

Aegean Wit + Greek Yogurt with Honey and Nuts

Aegean Wit, with its light and citrusy character, pairs well with desserts and sweet treats in Greek cuisine. It can complement the creaminess of Greek yogurt with honey and nuts, balance the richness of baklava and add a refreshing touch to loukoumades and galaktoboureko. The beer's subtle sweetness harmonizes with the dessert's flavors to create a delightful combination.

Cheers To Tasting Greece!

Greek beer stands as a testament to a rich brewing heritage that blends tradition with a contemporary craft ethos. From its historical roots to the modern craft movement, the Greek beer culture reflects a journey of resilience and innovation. 

Traditional styles such as the iconic Koumessa, Tsipouro, Blonde Ales and Honey Beers harmonize with the dynamic Greek craft beer scene where microbreweries infuse creativity into every pour. Renowned craft beer brands including Septem Microbrewery, Nissos Microbrewery and Solo Craft Brewery, among others, coexist in Greece alongside emerging artisanal brewers that shape a vibrant landscape.

Greek beers are rooted in unique ingredients and showcase a deep commitment to quality. Paired with local culinary delights, Greek beer stands as a sensorial journey that invites enthusiasts to savor the blend of tradition and modernity in every sip.

All Photos Courtesy Respective Breweries except for Header Photo Courtesy Solo Craft Brewery

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