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Top 10 Beer Label Artwork of 2016

Best Beer Label Artwork of 2016 - Hi-Wire Gose by Hi-Wire Brewing Co.

As an addendum to our annual Beers of the Year, we have compiled a list of some of the most populated styles of 2016, as well as some other interesting categories. We hope you enjoy these Top 10 Beer Labels of 2016 as included in our Official Beer Review!

1. Hi-Wire Gose – Hi-Wire Brewing Co.

2. Unreliable Narrator – Threes Brewing

3. Transilience – Southbound Brewing Co.

4. Rapturous – Three Taverns Craft Brewery

5. Nu-Tropic – Stillwater Artisanal

6. Balloon Boy – Burnt City Brewing


7. Hi-Dilly-Ho – Short's Brewing Co.

8. Midnight Special – Funky Bow Brewery

9. Shower Beer – Champion Brewing Co.

10. Phantasmagoria – Prairie Artisan Ales