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Top Emerging Beer Styles for 2022

Stephen King once wrote, “Sooner or later, everything old is new again.” It was likely penned to say the stories we tell, and the ones he writes, are ones that were also told long ago but have now resurfaced to live again. It’s a concept that explains a lot about the world in which we live.

In the world of craft beer, we are seeing old styles gain new popularity and new styles benefit old brands. In between, we are also witnessing how mixing new things into already established flagships is a way some breweries are keeping their tap handles pulling. And lastly, perhaps just to stretch this motif a little more, one big trend we’ll be watching in 2022 is a very new, very experimental commitment to never-before-seen yeast strains. 

This new normal that has been forming the past year has not yet normalized, and that has hit many breweries hard. Several have faced challenges from strained supply chains and withering barley supplies. Others have faced staff shortages. More still are tackling the ever-evolving guidelines for masks and vaccines. It’s a lot. 

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