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Transform Your Small Space into an Ideal Area for Entertaining

Tips and tricks for maximizing small rooms for efficient and comfortable beer tasting parties and other gatherings with friends and family.

Transform Your Small Space into an Ideal Area for Entertaining

If you have a small space, entertaining may seem difficult. But with strategic design it can actually be comfortable and efficient. To make the most of the space, utilize multi-purpose rooms and underused spaces, leverage symmetry and vertical space and avoid clutter. Also, consider lighting and use mirrors to make the room feel larger. Intentional decor can make an impact, such as using a projector instead of a TV, adding interesting wall art or a mini bar area, or displaying musical instruments or board games. When selecting furniture, opt for items that serve double duty and fit the scale of the space.

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When pondering hosting your next beer tasting party or other beer-focused event, these tips are sure to help you maximize your small space. Make sure to check out these editor's party picks to help elevate your next event hosted in a small space.

Transforming Your Limited Space for Entertaining: Tips and Tricks

It's crucial to make the most of your space and even more so in small areas when hosting a beer tasting party. Below are some ways to create an organized and inviting atmosphere for your visitors.

• Lighting is paramount: Insufficient lighting can make a room look smaller, but there are inexpensive ways to improve the situation. Placing floor lamps in corners can eliminate shadows and make the room appear more spacious. Although ambient lighting can create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, it's important to supplement it with task lighting for more intense and focused illumination.

• Employ symmetry: To make your small space appear larger, you can use symmetry to your advantage. By incorporating symmetrical elements such as matching artwork on opposite ends of a wall, the eye is drawn along the length of the room, creating the illusion of a larger space.

• Maximize underused spaces: Even the smallest and most unusual spaces, like nooks and corners, can be utilized effectively. If you need more space to store your cocktail or beer glassware, transform a tiny nook into a display area by installing shelves.

• Multi-function rooms: In small spaces, you may not be able to have dedicated rooms for games, dining, or entertainment, but you can still create multi-functional spaces. For instance, a coffee table can serve as a board game table, but then you might face the problem of where to put snacks for guests. Finding a coffee table that has a top section that can be lifted and to the side will provide additional room to put both snacks and games. When you finish, you can flip the section back down to its original position.

• Eliminate clutter: Clutter can make a small space feel cramped, but you can combat it with shelving, baskets and furniture that have built-in storage. Look for opportunities to create spaces that can hide everyday items, while still being easily accessible. For example, an ottoman with built-in storage can be used to store blankets, games or even glassware for you next beer tasting party.


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