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Truly Hard Seltzer Announces Flavor Revamp and Truly Lemonade Seltzer

Truly Hard Seltzer Announces Flavor Revamp and Truly Lemonade Seltzer

Rolling now and transitioning throughout the next few weeks is an updated, crisper Truly Hard Seltzer. Truly revamped all 13 flavors in pursuit of being the best-tasting hard seltzer on the market.   In less than three months, the Truly innovation team spent nearly 1,500 hours testing more than 130 recipes to deliver even more crisp, clean and refreshing hard seltzer for drinkers. By enhancing the aroma to be more fruit-forward, slightly increasing the overall flavor and creating a crisper finish, the new taste is more drinkable without any lingering bitterness and still maintains everything drinkers know and love about Truly. 

The Truly innovation team was so confident in the new taste they put it to the test with drinkers and conducted more than 20 blind tastings with nearly 2,000 hard seltzer drinkers in cities throughout the United States including Chicago, Dallas and Boston. The results were overwhelmingly clear, and the team is sure the Truly taste will be preferred by drinkers of White Claw and other competitors.

FROM DAVE BURWICK: “We are committed to being the best-tasting hard seltzer on the market and we believe the improvements to our taste get us there. The work of our innovation team is a testament to how committed we are to growing Truly and ensuring it is the best-tasting hard seltzer drinkers can find.”

As category awareness increases, Truly has set its sights on being the hard seltzer for everyone.  Amongst competitors, Truly has the most ethnically diverse drinker[2] and brings in more 55% of drinkers from wine and spirits[3], which is more than any competitor in the category. The new taste improvements will help draw even more drinkers to Truly and give the best possible experience to the hard seltzer drinker.

The newly refreshed flavors will roll out nationwide and include a call out of “NOW CRISPER FRESH TASTE” on package in stores.  Truly has the most variety of any hard seltzer brand with 13 styles and is introducing new Watermelon and Kiwi into its wildly popular Tropical Variety Pack. Truly is available in 6-pack 12 oz slim cans, 12-pack 12 oz slim cans and 24 oz single serve cans.


Hitting shelves in the new year is Truly Lemonade Seltzer – the perfect mix of refreshing hard seltzer and sweet lemonade for a drink that’s big on taste and low on calories. At just 100 calories, 1 gram of sugar and 5% ABV, Truly Lemonade Seltzer is perfectly balanced with the sweetness of real lemonade and refreshment of seltzer to deliver a crisp, clean finish. The variety pack will include Original Lemonade, Black Cherry Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade and Mango Lemonade.

We know what you may be thinking – do hard seltzer drinkers really need a lemonade option? The answer is yes. There’s a natural association between hard seltzer water and spiked lemonade as 64% of hard seltzer drinkers see hard lemonade as the alcoholic beverage most similar to hard seltzer water[1] and we know drinkers are asking for more flavor, which is exactly what Truly Lemonade delivers. We spoke with drinkers and interest in Truly Lemonade is extremely high – with 87% of hard seltzer water and Mike’s Hard Lemonade drinkers claiming likelihood to purchase.[2] 

Truly Lemonade Seltzer will be available nationwide January 1, 2020 in a variety 12 pk (Original Lemonade, Black Cherry Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Mango Lemonade) and 16oz & 24oz single-serve cans of Original Lemonade