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Twelve5 Beverage Co.'s Rebel Hard Coffee Expands to Texas

Twelve5 Beverage Co.'s Rebel Hard Coffee Expands to Texas

Twelve5 Beverage Co. in Neenah, Wisconsin has announced that it has expanded distribution of its Rebel Hard Coffee to the state of Texas. Full details are below.

Neenah, Wis. – Twelve5 Beverage Company has partnered with Ambiente Beverage, an employee-owned and operated distribution company, and Reed Beverage, a family-owned distributor, to supply REBEL Hard Coffee – a dangerously delicious blend of Colombian coffee, alcohol, cream, and natural flavors – in the state of Texas.

“We are very excited about these newfound partnerships and opportunities to introduce our Hard Mocha Latte, Hard Vanilla Latte, Hard Cold Brew, and various seasonal beverages to the people of Texas,” said Michael Sargent, senior brand manager of REBEL Hard Coffee. “Expanding to this market is a huge step for the REBEL brand and we are thrilled to provide the lone star state with the unique product they’ve been looking for!”

REBEL Hard Coffee was born from a passion for artisanal coffee roasting and a thirst for something truly new and different. Every can of REBEL Hard Coffee delivers an exceptional coffeehouse experience that’s perfect for every social moment.

“The team is elated to have REBEL Hard Coffee join our long and vibrant list of specialty beverages that we distribute,” said Tristan Maldonado, President and Co-Owner of Ambiente Beverage. “Texas is an incredible market for economic strength and demographic profiles – we are lucky to distribute to four of the top eleven largest cities in the United States, and we are eager to see REBEL Hard Coffee grow in this market.”

In partnership with Ambiente and Reed, REBEL Hard Coffee will be available in grocery, club, convenience, drug, and liquor stores across Texas. Plans to expand to restaurants, bars, golf courses, event venues, and many other consumer-based businesses are soon to follow.

“We are proud to partner with REBEL Hard Coffee,” said Damion Williams, vice president of Craft, Wine & Spirits at Reed Beverage. “We believe the innovation, packaging, and go-to market attitude is one of a kind and we look forward to dominating the hard coffee category.”

For more information, visit REBEL Hard Coffee at rebelhardcoffee.com, on Facebook and Instagram, or give them a call at 1-800-984-6248. To find these new and truly tempting hard coffee products near you, visit the store locator at rebelhardcoffee.com/find.

About Twelve5 Beverage Company

REBEL Hard Coffee is produced by Twelve5 Beverage Company, the founders of the hard coffee category. Twelve5 Beverage Company was founded in 2018 with a focus on pioneering innovative products that meet the needs of changing consumer preferences. The launch of REBEL Hard Coffee in August 2020 marked an opportunity to expand Twelve5 Beverage Company’s products to a new audience. For more information, visit rebelhardcoffee.com.

Ambiente Beverage Company

Founded in 1989, Ambiente Opco, LLC (“Ambiente”) is one of the largest value-added distributors of craft beer, fine wine, artisan sprits, and specialty beverages in the State of Texas. Headquartered in Austin with three additional distribution centers in San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston, Ambiente has become the premier distributor in Texas for supplying superior products to retailers, restaurants, premium supermarkets, luxury hotels, and five-star resorts across the state. Ambiente’s Beverage Division was formed in 2019 when Ambiente acquired Hops and Vines Distributing to create the first statewide beer distributor in Texas that was independent from large supplier conglomerates. For more information on Ambiente’s Beer Division, please visit www.ambientebeverage.com.

Reed Beverage

As a family-owned Molson Coors distributor in West Texas, Reed Beverage is blessed to have 4th generation team members working in the business to ensure that the hard work and dedication of past generations continues to bring great products and outstanding service to the people of West Texas.