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Two Roads Brewing Co. Unveils Hard Wooder Ice: Philly's Nostalgic Water Ice Goes Boozy

Discover Hard Wooder Ice, Two Roads Brewing Co.'s boozy twist on Philly's nostalgic water ice. This limited-time hard seltzer captures the authentic blue raspberry flavor locals love, all with a 7% ABV.

Two Roads Brewing Co. Unveils Hard Wooder Ice: Philly's Nostalgic Water Ice Goes Boozy

Two Roads Brewing Co., a renowned brewery, is revolutionizing Philadelphia's beloved frozen treat by infusing it with a boozy twist. Introducing Hard Wooder Ice, the ultimate adult version of water ice that captures the city's nostalgic flavor. Paying homage to the iconic water ice cups, this new hard seltzer is set to delight locals with its authentic fruitiness and playful name. Currently available exclusively in Pennsylvania, Two Roads' Hard Wooder Ice in Blue Razz flavor boasts a 7% ABV, striking the perfect balance between refreshment and blue raspberry sweetness.

To ensure an authentic water ice experience in liquid form, Two Roads dedicated months to crafting the perfect flavor profile. By meticulously replicating the renowned blue raspberry taste that locals know and love, Hard Wooder Ice succeeds in encapsulating the true essence of this Philadelphia delicacy.

“Few cities embody the road less traveled, our brewery mantra, more than our friends down I-95 in Philly. I mean, where else can the likes of the Liberty Bell and some of the world’s most fun and flavor-packed foods share a stage,” said Collin Kennedy, Director of Marketing of Two Roads. “We wanted to celebrate that spirit with something truly special just in time for summer.”

For a limited time only, Pennsylvanians can indulge in the unique sensation of Hard Wooder Ice. Available in a convenient 4-pack, eager fans can get their hands on this refreshing hard seltzer at both digital and local retailers across the Philly market. With the demand for this innovative concoction expected to be high, securing a taste of Hard Wooder Ice should be a priority for water ice enthusiasts and craft beer lovers alike.

“You don’t have to be from Philly to love a water ice come summertime, and we knew getting the flavor right was going to be critical to this recipe,” said Phil Markowski, master brewer at Two Roads. “That meant using the authentic ingredients and recipe to meet Two Roads’ exacting standards and the approval of the water ice experts themselves. Recreating the blue raspberry color and flavor was some of the most fun we’ve had at the brewery.”

Two Roads Brewing Co. has masterfully transformed Philly's cherished water ice into an enticing boozy treat with their latest creation, Hard Wooder Ice. Bursting with the authentic fruitiness that defines water ice, this hard seltzer is a testament to the city's rich culinary heritage. With its limited availability and nostalgic appeal, make sure to grab a 4-pack of Two Roads Hard Wooder Ice before it disappears from shelves. Experience the refreshing taste of Philly's favorite frozen indulgence, now with a delightful adult twist.

About Two Roads Brewing Co.

Two Roads Brewing Co., launched in 2012, is a privately owned craft beverage company offering a wide-ranging portfolio of beers, canned cocktails, hard seltzers, distilled spirits, and other Road Less Traveled beverages. Located in Stratford Connecticut, Two Roads is ranked 54th among 9,500+ independently owned breweries in the US according to the Brewer’s Association’s 2021 survey.