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The Unknown Brewing Co. Creates a Beer So Exquisite, It’s Stupid

Stupid Flanders Red Ale
Stupid Flanders Red Ale by The Unknown Brewing Co.
Stupid Flanders Red Ale by The Unknown Brewing Co.

The Unknown Brewing Co., located in Charlotte’s South End, is set to unveil their new beer called Stupid, a Flanders Red Ale, on Saturday, December 3. The Flanders-style ale will be sold in 500mL bottles and available on draft in The Unknown’s taproom.
While the name of The Unknown’s brew is a subtle nod to Ned Flanders, a beloved character from The Simpsons television show, Flanders is also a type of Flemish red sour ale brewed in West Flanders, Belgium and often found in France.
Prepared in traditional Flanders fashion, Unknown’s Stupid Flanders was aged for 16 months in French oak cabernet barrels with lactobacillus and Roeselare strains. The mid-sweet beer has an amber color and light tart finish and features an alcohol by volume (ABV) content of 7.2%.
“At The Unknown, we tend to get a little crazy with the beers we make, but some things are too good to be messed with and Flanders Red Ale is one of them,” said Brad Shell, owner of The Unknown Brewing Company. “When I went to Belgium and tried a Flanders at the source, I knew I wanted to brew one myself to share with the people of Charlotte.”
To try Stupid Flanders, visit The Unknown Brewing Company at 1327 South Mint Street in Charlotte, NC on December 3. In addition to The Unknown’s taproom, Stupid Flanders will be available in limited release bottles in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.
For more on The Unknown’s hours of operation, brewery tour schedule and special events, visit UnknownBrewing.com or call 980.237.2628.