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Urban South HTX Launches New Halloween-Inspired Mixed Pack


Urban South HTX Launches New Halloween-Inspired Mixed Pack

Urban South Brewery HTX in Houston, Texas has announced a mixed-pack featuring collaboration, Halloween-themed beers with Kings Brewing Co., Tripping Animals Brewing Co., and Weathered Souls Brewing Co. Full details are below.

HOUSTON, Texas – Urban South – HTX has teamed up with Kings Brewing Co., Tripping Animals Brewing Co., and Weathered Souls Brewing Co. to release a new “Spooky Spilled Sixer” just in time for Halloween. The Spooky Spilled Sixer is a mixed six-pack featuring three collaborative beers brewed with Halloween candy ingredients. The new limited edition offering is currently available for purchase at Urban South’s Houston taproom, or fans may order their six-pack online for in-person pickup.

“We love to bring a sense of nostalgia to our beers and with this six-pack, we wanted to bring our fans back to all of those fun times trick or treating as kids,” said Dave Ohmer, General Manager at Urban South – HTX. “Working with candy is an interesting process, but in the end is well worth it as the candy is what gives each beer that evocative eroma and extra punch of taste. We loved working with all of the breweries involved and making it happen was such a fun process.”

All three beers in the Spooky Spilled Sixer are part of Urban South’s popular Spilled Series, a line of heavily fruited sour beers brewed using hundreds of pounds of fresh fruit to sweeten the tartness of the underlying sour base. Each brewery chose their favorite Halloween candy to feature as a complementary ingredient to the fresh fruit. The new beers include:

  • Spilled with Kings Brewing: Blueberry, Blackberry, Marionberry and Wild Berry Skittles®
  • Spilled with Tripping Animals: Pineapple, White Chocolate and Nerds®
  • Spilled with Weathered Souls: Strawberry, Raspberry and Starburst®

Urban South – HTX regularly collaborates with craft breweries across the country on new beer releases. Kings Brewing Co. is based in California, Tripping Animals Brewing Co. is based in Florida and Weathered Souls Brewing Co. is a fellow Texas brewery based in San Antonio.

About Urban South Brewery 

Founded in 2016, Urban South Brewery inspires community and fellowship through the gospel of good beer. With deep roots in Louisiana and a new satellite location in Texas, Urban South – HTX, the award-winning brewery is making its mark in the beer industry. Recent accolades include: 2021 Can Can Awards (Gold, Silver and Bronze), 2021 Craft Beer Marketing Awards (Gold), 2020 U.S. Open Beer Championship (Silver), 2020 Great American Beer Festival (Gold), and 2020 Beer Army Awards (Gold and Silver). Urban South prides itself on being a strong community partner, and – with a belief that beer is a family affair – the brewery features a family-friendly taproom.

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