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Von Ebert Brewing Unveils 2024 Beer Release Calendar and Expands Production

Discover Von Ebert Brewing's 2024 beer release calendar and expansion plans. Explore their core lineup and seasonal offerings, including award-winning brews.

Von Ebert Brewing Unveils 2024 Beer Release Calendar and Expands Production

Von Ebert Brewing in Portland, Oregon has announced its highly anticipated 2024 beer release calendar, featuring a lineup of perennial favorites and seasonal delights. The brewery, known for its commitment to quality and innovation, revealed plans for significant expansion to meet growing demand.

The core lineup, including popular brews like Volatile Substance, Sector 7, Pils, Clubhaus Lager, and Waning Echoes, will remain available year-round. Additionally, beer enthusiasts can look forward to at least 30 more unique offerings on a seasonal basis.

In a strategic move to accommodate increased production, Von Ebert Brewing has acquired a new facility on N. Cook Street in Portland. This expansion will bolster production and distribution capabilities, with the potential to increase output from 4,000 to 20,000 barrels per year. Furthermore, the brewery will introduce its award-winning Pils in convenient 12-ounce cans, enhancing accessibility for consumers.

“At Von Ebert Brewing, we’re expanding our production and distribution so we can sell more of our award-winning beer,” said Sam Pecoraro, brewmaster of Von Ebert Brewing. “For 2024, I’m excited to continue brewing what we do best through a strong series of rotating American IPAs, Italian Pilsners and seasonal Lagers. In addition to Pils, look for more 12-ounce packaging in the very near future!”

Exciting developments continue as Von Ebert Brewing prepares to open its N. Cook Street taproom to the public this spring. The brewery aims to extend its reach beyond Oregon, targeting expansion into neighboring Washington, followed by Idaho and select regions of California.

Founded in 2018 by Tom M. Cook and Tom S. Cook, Von Ebert Brewing pays homage to its roots and heritage. Named after the beloved family matriarch affectionately known as "Grandma Ebert," the brewery embodies the spirit of perseverance and success. Just as Grandma Ebert exemplified resilience as an immigrant from Germany, Von Ebert Brewing has earned acclaim through its dedication to craftmanship. The brewery's accolades include multiple medals at the prestigious Great American Beer Festival, underscoring its commitment to excellence.

With a nod to tradition and a vision for the future, Von Ebert Brewing continues to make waves in the craft beer industry, embodying the legacy of Grandma Ebert's indomitable spirit.

 The full release calendar is below.

von ebert brewing 2024 beer release calendar