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Wallenpaupack Brewing Co. Tour

Lake Wallenpaupack in Hawley, Pennsylvania is a year-round destination for fishermen, hunters, boaters, hikers and outdoorsy folks that want to get away. The reservoir tucked in the Poconos offers an abundance of nature’s amenities. But until recently, there was one problem: no beer. Wallenpaupack is the second-largest reservoir in the state. The 52 miles of shoreline was left untouched by fermenters and brite tanks. Instead of craft beers, locals and vacationers stuck to $2 dive bar pints of Busch Light or filled their coolers with grocery store six-packs.

Rebecca Ryman seized the opportunity to open Wallenpaupack Brewing Co., the first brewery on the lake, in 2017. Ryman’s family owns a lake house in the area, and she’d been vacationing there from New York most of her life. She has a financial background but did her homework before opening. She learned the business from her cousin, who owns a brewery in Florida, learned how to homebrew, and then voila!

The brewery replaced an old run-down Arby’s, which surely no one complained about, but it took some evangelizing to get the residents on board with the beers.

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