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Watershed Distillery Announces 10th Anniversary Limited-Edition Bourbon

Watershed Distillery Announces 10th Anniversary Limited-Edition Bourbon

Watershed Disillery in Columbus, Ohio has announced a limited-edition 10th anniversary bourbon release. More details are below from the distillery.

COLUMBUS, Ohio– Watershed Distillery recently announced the limited release of their 100th batch of bourbon in honor of their ten-year anniversary. This single barrel bourbon, releasing on Saturday, February 29, will be exclusively available at Watershed Distillery’s bottle shops (1145 Chesapeake Ave, STE D, Columbus, OH 43212) and will be limited to two bottles per person.

Batch 100 is a single barrel bourbon selected in part by community members who voted on their favorite of four barrels (hand-picked by Watershed’s distillers), at a bourbon dinner held by Watershed Kitchen + Bar in January. Though the packaging will look largely the same as previous batches, this limited release batch 100 will be marked with an insignia indicating the milestone.

Watershed’s distillers typically select a few barrels that, when blended, create the optimal flavor profile in a singular batch of bourbon. For this release though, the distillers selected their favorite four individual barrels of bourbon before opening it up to a vote on which barrel would stand alone as the distillery’s 100th batch.

“We are excited for the community to experience batch 100 of Watershed Bourbon,” shared Josh Gandee, Beverage Director at Watershed Kitchen + Bar. “This bourbon has a nose of oak and vanilla with flavor notes of caramel, orange rind, mocha and almond. Single cask bourbon is a special treat as it allows the unique characteristic of a particular barrel to be experienced as opposed to blending for uniformity.”

Guests will be able to purchase up to two bottles of batch 100 on Saturday, February 29, beginning at 2:30 pm. The bar at Watershed Kitchen + Bar will open at 2:00 pm that day so guests may arrive early and enjoy a cocktail and a snack at the bar while they wait for the bourbon release. The kitchen will open at 4:00 pm for regular Saturday dinner service.

Watershed Distillery, founded in 2010, will be celebrating ten years as a central Ohio based, independent distillery this year, and this single barrel release is just one of the many exciting things the brand has in store for the central Ohio community to say thank you for the support over the last decade.

There will be roughly 150 bottles of the single barrel bourbon available for purchase, and these will be sold on a first come first serve basis with a limit of two per person.

For more information on the distillery, the kitchen and bar, Watershed’s bourbon or to make dinner reservations, please visit

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Firmly rooted in the belief that success doesn’t happen overnight and certainly doesn’t happen by chance, Watershed Distillery seeks to create and celebrate change within the community and beyond. Distilling, growing and sharing in Columbus, Ohio, since 2010, our creative family of spirits reflects our commitment to the dogged pursuit of perfection, local ingredients and time-honored practices.

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