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Well Launches Well Infused Sparkling Vodka Beverage

Well Launches Well Infused Sparkling Vodka Beverage

Well in Toronto, Ontario, Canada has launched a new sparkling vodka beverage called Well Infused, which feature a variety of flavors. Full details are below.

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada— Get ready to get real. Well recognized white space in the ready-to-drink spirits category: there was a lack of spirits that can actually be better for you…

[Cue Well Infused]

Freshly pressed Organic lemon juice + Organic hibiscus + Organic agave + filtered water + Organic vodka.

Well Infused is Canada’s first Organic vodka beverage made with fresh and real inputs. We use only the highest quality and freshest inputs in our beverages which is why Well Infused is certified Organic.

According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, “natural flavors” are: substances that impart flavors that have been derived from a plant or animal source, may be claimed to be “natural.”

[Picture flavor droplets dropped into your beverages from chemical dropper bottles]

We live in a world filled with beverages made from such “natural flavors.”

It’s time to get real.

This locally fresh-pressed hibiscus infused (with Organic vodka) lemonade is truly one-of-a-kind with an outstanding mouthfeel, refreshing taste and stunningly beautiful colour.

In a sea of vodka sodas, seltzers and cocktails come Well Infused…a FRESH and REAL sparkling vodka beverage. An Exciting REAL beverage for you!

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