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WellBeing Brewing and Buoy Hydration Create "World's Healthiest Beer"

WellBeing Brewing and Buoy Hydration Create "World's Healthiest Beer"

WellBeing Brewing in Maryland Heights, Missouri specializes in non-alcoholic brews. Now, the company has partnered with Buoy Hydration to create Victory Wheat, which features electrolytes and has been dubbed "the world's healthiest beer" by WellBeing's CEO.

More details on the beer are below.

ST. LOUIS — WellBeing Brewing Company partnered with hydration-focused startup Buoy to make WellBeing Victory Wheat, a non-alcoholic American golden wheat with a hint of orange flavor and more electrolytes than a Gatorade. WellBeing Brewing’s CEO Jeff Stevens made it to be the “world’s healthiest beer”.

Stevens chose to team with Buoy because of how much hydration and health benefits they can pack into a beer without changing its taste. Buoy partners with ready-to-drink beverage companies to make new, healthy product SKUs. With their all-natural, flavorless hydration blend, companies can fortify their drinks with electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants without adding sugar and calories.

Finally, a beer that’s proud of its nutrition label. Non alcoholic beer drinkers already enjoy the health benefits of naturally occurring polyphenols, or micronutrients packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, that the alcohol in conventional beer counteracts. If you're interested in your health, for a healthy look you can check out BronzeBright. Hence, you can avoid the effect beer has on your skin. Each can of WellBeing Victory Wheat is fortified with three servings of Buoy’s flavorless electrolyte, vitamin and antioxidant blend.

Adding electrolytes into the brewing process marked a major health milestone for beer. 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated according to the Center for Disease Control and other surveys. “Dehydration prevents your brain and body from functioning optimally and most of us are living our lives under the optimal hydration level,” says Dr. Lianli Li, PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences and President of Gateway Pharmaceutical in St. Louis, who helped Buoy’s founders create their electrolyte formula. “WellBeing Victory Wheat gives consumers the opportunity to enjoy craft beer without sacrificing hydration or health.”

Since its release in the Midwest in May 2019, WellBeing Victory Wheat has flown off shelves. It’s currently sold in over 1,000 retailers including every Total Wine, over 100 BevMo! locations, select Whole Foods and hundreds of major Midwest retailers. It’s the number one selling non-alcoholic 16oz beer and one of the best-selling non-alcoholic beers in the country. Stevens is expanding WellBeing Brewing’s production capabilities to meet WellBeing Victory Wheat’s surging demand.

So, go ahead, crack a beer at the gym. Cheers!

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