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The Whistler Irish Whiskey Launches Nationally in the US

The Whistler Irish Whiskey Launches Nationally in the US

The Whistler Irish Whiskey from Boann Distillery in the Boyne Valley of Ireland is now available in the U.S. nationally. Full details from the distillery are below.

The Whistler Irish Whiskey, from family owned Boann Distillery in the historic Boyne Valley of Ireland, is now available in the U.S. nationwide.

“At Boann, we pride ourselves in being one of the most innovative whiskey distilleries in Ireland, and in late 2019 our new state-of-the-art facilities and custom copper pot stills produced the first spirit in Drogheda in over 160 years,” said Pat Cooney, Founder of Boann Distillery. “We only use locally grown barley in our whiskeys and have access to the best casks to mature our spirit, ensuring that we produce unique whiskeys in which every bottle tells a story – the story of our land, our people and our family.”

The national launch of this new Irish Whiskey brand includes the distillery’s newest range release, The Whistler Trilogy.

Combining tradition and technical know-how, Boann’s Master Distiller (Michael Walsh, Ireland’s youngest Master Distiller), Family Beekeeper, and Master Blender came together to craft a whiskey-based trilogy that showcases some of the finest whiskey, smoothest honey and freshest cream that Ireland has to offer.


The Whistler Double Oaked Irish Whiskey is a hand-selected, premium Irish whiskey expression that is crafted in small batches using some of Ireland’s finest malt and grain whiskeys. Single grain and single malt whiskeys are matured for three years in Ex Bourbon barrels and then married together with further finishing in our signature Oloroso Sherry casks which creates a complex and full-bodied whiskey.


The Whistler Irish Honey Whiskey is a natural collaboration between the family beekeepers and their love for Irish whiskey. They take some of the finest ex-bourbon matured Irish Whiskey and infuse it with honey harvested from their family orchards at the foot of the Hill of Tara in the Boyne Valley.


The Whistler Irish Cream is a decadent whiskey liqueur and the first in the world to utilize the prestigious Single Pot Still Irish whiskey style in its blend. Single Pot Still Whiskey is uniquely Irish and combines both triple distilled, malted and un-malted barley. This cream liqueur expertly blends the freshest Irish cream from grass fed cows with the very best of Irish whiskey. This creates an all-natural Irish cream with true depth, flavor and fantastic whiskey undertones.

In celebration of the U.S. brand launch, the Boann Distillery will be giving away a trip to Ireland, including airfare, hotel, spending and a tour of the Boann Distillery’s state of the art facilities. U.S. residents can enter through The Whistler U.S. Facebook (@TheWhistlerWhiskeyUS) and Instagram (@TheWhistlerWhiskeyUS) accounts starting March 1.

The Trilogy Range is exclusively launching in the USA with Boann Distillery’s long-term industry partner Prestige Beverage Group. The 750ml bottles are hitting shelves now with an SRP of $29.99.


The Whistler Double Oaked Irish Whiskey 40% Alc/vol 80 proof:  NOSE: Salted caramel and vanilla jump out of the glass with light oak spices and undertones of zesty citrus, honey and a hint of nuts.  TASTE: Honey and creamy vanilla come to the fore with light oak spices that are all followed by the zesty citrus peel.  FINISH: Long and tingling finish with dry oak tannins remaining with a residual hint of honey.
The Whistler Irish Honey Whiskey 33% Alc/vol 66 proof: NOSE This nose is bursting with delicious creamy honeycomb, caramel, candied almonds and unmistakable undertones of smooth Irish whiskey.  TASTE: Opens with a healthy whiskey influence, immediately followed by incredibly creamy vanilla and caramel, with honey and candied almonds at the end.

FINISH: Long smooth and decadent with more than a hint of honey that lingers on and on.

The Whistler Irish Cream Liqueur 19% Alc/vol 38 proof: NOSE: Beautifully creamy nose full of rich chocolate, vanilla and the unmistakable pot still whiskey spice.  TASTE: Incredibly velvety mouthfeel, with heaps of creamy milk chocolate, toffee, and a hint of coffee all followed by a delicious warmth and pot still spice brought by the Irish whiskey.

FINISH: Long, lingering, creamy and luxurious.

About the Boann Distillery and The Whistler Whiskey:

Boann Distillery is the brainchild of the Cooney family, who have a long history in the Irish drinks industry. Founder Pat Cooney is a native of Drogheda and the establishment of a new industry in his hometown is a home-coming for him. Pat, his wife Marie and four of their children are all actively involved in running the business.

It’s been a Cooney family dream to lead a renaissance of Irish whiskey from their homeland of Drogheda, and that dream has become a reality with their new State of the Art Boann Distillery, and in late 2019 the first spirit flowed from the distillery’s copper pot stills, the first to flow in Drogheda in over 160 years.

The Whistler Whiskey was whistled into life one fabled New Year’s Eve, the range is born of the noteworthy craft and time-honoured traditions that are as old as the story told, the written word and the whistled tune. The Whistler Irish Whiskey Single Malt expressions represents these ideals perfectly and are crafted by the Cooney Family in Boann Distillery in the heart of the Boyne Valley in Ireland. The Cask Finished Series features a range of special cask finish blended Irish Whiskeys that include a core range Oloroso Sherry Cask and other limited edition expressions. The newest addition to the range is The Whistler Trilogy. The exploration of rare and special casks has begun and expect to see much more in the future. Additional details available at

About Prestige Beverage Group 

Founded in 1974, Prestige Beverage Group is an industry leading importer and brand innovator of award-winning wines and spirits from around the globe including Italy, France, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand. Prestige Beverage Group’s portfolio of 70-plus brands includes KINKY Beverages, Risata Wines, Yes Way Rosé and Joia Spirit.

From product conception and brand development, to packaging design and engaging marketing initiatives, Prestige Beverage Group continues to meet consumer preferences and anticipate industry trends. Headquartered in Mendota Heights, MN, the company prides itself in creating an environment that promotes integrity, teamwork, excellence, passion, innovation and a strong work ethic. Learn more at

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