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Wild Kombucha Announces Release of Icaro Yerba Maté Line

Wild Kombucha Announces Release of Icaro Yerba Maté Line

Wild Kombucha in Baltimore, Maryland has announced the addition of new Yerba Mate teas to its line of kombucha and other beverages. More details are below.

BALTIMORE— Wild Kombucha, a rapidly growing Baltimore-based brewery, is launching a new product line with two blends in January 2020: Icaro Yerba Mate´ Original and Icaro Yerba Mate´ Hibiscus. These new blends expand their shelf offerings from kombucha into the tea category. Both shelf-stable Icaro Yerba Mate´ beverages will be available for purchase starting in January, with a nationwide rollout scheduled in April 2020.

A traditional South American elixir, yerba mate´ has been a popular pick-me-up for centuries. Unlike other products on the market which rely on yerba mate´ extract, the process of making Icaro Yerba Mate´ starts with gently roasting the leaves and twigs of the yerba mate´ shrub. In the Original flavor, both roasted and unroasted yerba mate´ are carefully blended to produce a light green tea with a mild, toasted taste. The Icaro Yerba Mate´ Hibiscus starts with the same base as the Original, and then steeped with hibiscus and elderflowers, resulting in a beautiful rose´ color and sweet nose. Both beverages are made with all organic ingredients and lightly carbonated for a fresh mouthfeel. The result is a delicious handcrafted beverage that provides a pleasant, lightly caffeinated energy boost, plus an array of beneficial polyphenols (thought to help with various ailments from diabetes to allergies!).

The parent company Mobtown Fermentation started off making naturally carbonated, probiotic Wild Kombucha with brightly balanced flavors and no added sugars. With the new Icaro Yerba Mate´ blends, the brewery now delivers nine different handcrafted beverages to over 1000 stores across 8 Mid-Atlantic states. The brewery’s complete product list includes: Mango Peach Kombucha, Ginger Grapefruit Kombucha, Elderberry Kombucha, Apple Spice Kombucha, Watermelon Hops Kombucha, Tart Cherry Ginger Kombucha, Up Beet Kombucha, Icaro Yerba Mate´ Original, and Icaro Yerba Mate´ Hibiscus. All the beverages are under 100 calories per bottle and pair well with a healthy and active lifestyle. Suggested retail price ranges between $2.50-4.50 per bottle. Home delivery of the kombucha line is also available to a limited area.

About Wild Kombucha

Wild Kombucha is a cause-driven beverage company based out of Baltimore, Maryland. Co- founded by Sid Sharma, Sergio Malarin, Adam Bufano in February 2015, the partners started by brewing a family recipe out of the side of a juice shop. Good old fashioned shoe leather resulted in local cafe´s and restaurants carrying the first flavor — Mango-Peach Kombucha — and quickly they gained a following among the cognoscenti in the city. A mere six months after launch, Whole Foods started stocking in Baltimore-area stores. Over the past 4 years, the business has continued to grow at a rate of over 100 percent year over year, and Wild Kombucha can now be found in Whole Foods, Giant, and MOM’s Organic. The support of many independent retailers also contributed to their success and ubiquity, stores like: Glen’s Garden Market, Each Peach Market, Rise Up Coffee, and Flower Child. As a Maryland- based business and proud supporter of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, they give 1 percent of all sales to the protection of wildlife habitats.