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Wild Leap Brew Co. Debuts First New Ready-To-Drink Vodka Cocktail Flavor

Wild Leap Brew Co. Debuts First New Ready-To-Drink Vodka Cocktail Flavor

Wild Leap Brew Co. in LaGrange, Georgia has announced the release of its newest flavor of Vodka cocktail. Full details are below.

LAGRANGE, GA (July 21, 2021): Wild Leap is debuting its first new Ready-To-Drink Vodka Cocktail flavor since launching the product line in 2020. Grapefruit Peach (10% ABV) is a limited-release canned cocktail featuring three ounces of Wild Leap Handcrafted Vodka, grapefruit, peach and all-natural flavors and ingredients for an invigorating, tart but smooth summer drink. Grapefruit Peach is Wild Leap’s first limited release Ready-To-Drink Vodka Cocktail, available today in 4-packs of slender 12 ounce cans in select markets throughout the Southeast.

“Grapefruit Peach is a vibrant flavor our customers came to love through our curbside cocktail program. The flavor was available to our vodka fans exclusively as fresh cocktails, handcrafted daily at the brewery,” explains Rob Goldstein, Wild Leap CMO and Co-Founder. “Since last year, we've been continuously flooded with requests from our customers to release this long-time favorite flavor on a wider scale. We heard and we listened!”

With a core lineup of two RTD Premium Vodka Cocktails, Strawberry Mango and Creamsicle Mojito, the special release of Grapefruit Peach debuts as Wild Leap’s third Ready-To-Drink Vodka Cocktail flavor. Like the core lineup, Grapefruit Peach is gluten-free, expertly blended with three ounces of the award-winning spirit, Wild Leap Handcrafted Vodka, and all natural flavors and ingredients, using no artificial sweeteners.

Wild Leap’s Grapefruit Peach Ready-To-Drink Premium Vodka Cocktails are available for a limited time in 4-packs of slender 12 ounce cans at the brewery and with retailers in select markets throughout the Southeast today.

About Wild Leap
Voted America’s Best New Brewery of 2019 by USA Today, Wild Leap treats customers with inventive and approachable craft beer. With trademark IPAs and ales along with seasonal stouts, porters and sours, Wild Leap craft beer has become a favorite around the Southeast. With the launch of signature craft vodka and ready-to-drink premium vodka cocktails, Wild Leap is proving that when it comes to craft beverages, they’re raising the bar! For information on future releases, events and more, visit wildleap.com.